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10642Risen Christ and the Sophic Soul

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  • holderlin66
    Aug 18, 2004
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      "We fail to see how the reverberations of the Christ Etheric Rising
      and the birth of Spiritual Science caused such mighty choatic
      ripples in the chaos of the moral sphere of Man. These ugly
      motivating inspirations moved along in conjunction with the Christ
      Event of 1933 and the depth of Initiation Science released by Dr.

      So friends;

      Out of humanity was to arise and is arising AnthroSophia. Now here
      as we raise all our efforts, all over the world, from the well
      spring of Spiritual Science, we encounter that a garment, a Soul
      Clothing and a humanized drive of moral light and courage is wedded
      to the Etheric Christ Rising out of 1933. It is that we come to meet
      the Etheric Christ with Human enriched Soul Courage.

      This dear friends, is where we go all wrong with our collective
      understanding of WWII. We get Churchill and we get American and the
      world engaged in real manifesations of evil.. But we get a
      collective courage and we have so far wallowed in the history of
      this collective global courage, without seeing the Iron Michael
      substance that was infused into the mix through the vast insights of
      Spiritual Science.

      Oh, yes, Switzerland and Germany and the German language, poisoned
      by being German was also the antidote to the crisis through Steiner
      and Spiritual Science. But what we are searching for, and what many
      over the globe including Ben Aaran have groped livingly toward, is
      that we are building the Sophia or the Anthrosophia Soul Body of the
      marriage of the Risen Etheric Christ Being through the weaving of
      our thoughts and deeds. We are wedding the HUMAN GEMUT to the Risen
      Etheric Christ Being. All the rich recognition of what this lover
      means to us and the new born solar system in the human heart are
      rising in the midst to cloth and meet the Risen Christ.

      History, bogged down in sentimentality and a failure to see the
      event where we can measure...go out and measure, Charlie Chaplin
      and "The Great Dictator" against the rise of Hitler.


      "The film ends with the barber, having been mistaken for the
      dictator, delivering a radio address to the nation following the
      Tomanian take-over of Osterlich (an obvious reference to the German
      Anschluss of Austria on March 12, 1938). The address is widely
      interpreted (see e.g. [1] below) as a personal plea from Chaplin.
      Chaplin's plea, seen as an overtly political speech, may be part of
      the reason Chaplin was expelled from the United States during the
      McCarthy era."
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