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1064Re: [anthroposophy] Near death experience

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  • Helen Jenkins
    Jun 4, 2000
      >The significance is it's a half-week or 1/8th a Moon-cycle. This period is
      >also the average time for the dissolution of the etheric body after death for
      >we human beings in our present era. A separation of the etheric during life
      >is a complete change like death if kept up for 3 1/2 days.

      I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago about the etheric body taking 72
      hours to separate and she happened to have a very close friend die from
      cancer and was cremated the next day. She asked for my opinion on that and
      whether it affects the soul etc. I certainly don't know but what's
      everyone else's understanding? I know that most cultures adhere to the
      three days before burial or cremation.

      I met a Russian scientist a few weeks ago who explained how a group of
      scientists have been experimenting with placing themselves in a position
      where they die and then being brought back after 3 days.

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