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10636How to fight against Asuras

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    Aug 17 8:40 AM
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      Bradford wrote, among other valuable insights,

      "So have we ripped holes in the Ether strata to let these beings out
      and is our technology from GPS and microwave satellites and our
      positioning of nuclear reactors and other deadly labs linked
      together with our military satellite operations creating a kind of
      projection in space of inner earth occult realities?"

      From the back of the class......

      I believe that what is written above is truly the case. Those among us who
      are seasoned anthros are used to ingesting and digesting such strong meat,
      and develop the inner stomach-solvent digestive juices necessary. So it is
      good to present such difficult and heart-rending material. Steiner pointed
      out that the Book of Revelation of John the Divine is the Manichean Manual
      for understanding evil and also that evil is in its infancy. We cannot
      afford to be cowed or fazed by these and even greater evils to come, the
      revealing of which is certain as Christ casts ever more light upon darkened
      places and the morth-brood come out of the shadows into our consciousness,
      confident, over confident perhaps, of our paralysis and fear induced mental
      captivity. For the Adversaries have a habit of laughing too soon.....

      Those less familiar with anthroposophy and I know there are such on this
      list, might ask what to do with such knowledge that they may not be
      discouraged by the sheer scale of the onslaught and overcome? The first
      thing of course is to acknowledge what Steiner often told, that knowing is
      the first protection and the greatest hindrance to the adversaries, so study
      and honest striving for insight is essential. The first and greatest
      Ahrimanic deception is achieved by tying us to dead weights of heredity,
      atoms and placing us in a mechanistic universe with the belief that we are
      simply naked apes and so devoid of any spiritual power to change the
      situation in which we find ourselves. Its all too big and we are all too
      small and puny goes the constant refrain. Wrong again. Ahriman covets and
      fears what is laid down by the Gods in the human being. His victory lies in
      keeping us all enchanted as frogs rather than princes and princesses, serfs
      and wage slaves rather than Royal Children of the Father, younger Brothers
      and Sisters of the Christ. What appears so frail and minute in the
      Ahrimanically presented schema - human spiritual potential - is actually
      great, creative and powerful. The human heart is the true magnifying agent.
      Our very anger, when righteously aroused on our brother's behalf, becomes
      the power of blessing in later life.

      While it is true that the forces of evil, presently swarming through the
      moth-holes in our etheric moral atmosphere, embodied in nano technology and
      manipulated genome, clothed in lie and the dark fairy tale of modern
      science, are very great and growing greater, it is also true that a mustard
      seed is, or appears, very small. And yet is mighty. As is a halfling-hobbit.
      The fulcrum here is the power of what appears tiniest, seemingly less
      significant, but is actually spiritually colossal. The power of turning
      inside out. Moon magnification of evil is fore-cast already by Ahriman in
      the electro magnetic nexus of manipulated news, spider-spun and enwebbing
      the earth in a counter-butterfly cocoon, to bring forth only the still-born
      and aborted. The lie is daily affirmed by media such as the BBC or British
      Brainwashing Corporation and all its outlets around the world, among many
      others, designed specifically to terrorize and divide. The broadcasting of
      the 1938 'War of the Worlds' as a news item was only partly a deliberately
      connived Tavistock style experiment in mass mind manipulation and crowd
      control. It was also farming, harvesting of fear, food for beings who
      continue to factory farm and milk us like cows. As long as we let them.
      (It is worth while to ask who actually authors these daily terror 'news'
      reports. We know the names of the anchormen and women. News read by 'so
      and so' written by Anon.)
      Events are moon-magnified; we see elongated shadows, not the shriveled
      and desiccated beings who cast them.
      We can take up our true powers, friends, in the tiniest of ways, here and
      now, in everyday life. So we help to Christen the world around us. Because
      we are the new Priesthood. It is vital that we take up this work.

      Churches were sited not only upon holy, healing wells and caverns of
      ancient initiation but also deliberately built upon vortex sites of evil
      earth energies, often of a very baleful, raw kind and consciously
      transformed within the community of the church, often by means of ceremony
      and chanting, re-enchanting into raised and useful form what was seeping
      from darker regions of the earth. A form of search and transform - a
      Manichean journey into the darkest places secure in the magical power of
      Christ-light. This is no longer understood and it is the task of those who
      can to detect and act in an appropriate way upon such energies, as there are
      ever more sources. There is much more to say on this, perhaps on future
      occasions. Soloman, for instance, set four thousand to sing praises during
      the building of the Temple, that beacon for the incarnating human, that it
      might have a sound and re-sounding foundation. Because true praise, real
      praise knowingly in-toned is the surest means of uplifting and re creating
      fallen or generally suspect etheric energies. But it is sound science. It
      requires real knowledge.
      Brad's revealing of various new inroads into humanity by the darkest and
      most powerful entities and putting them into context is one such knowing
      science. This calibrates them, relates them via spiritual insight to the
      true measure of Man and sets them within the context of evolution potentials
      and dangers and gives them, and us, true size and spiritual ratio. The true
      central point of measure must always be Christ.

      The worst thing is to fear. Moment by moment, in daily life we may be
      priest/priestess and lift our immediate world and also greater world affairs
      right from under the nose of the Adversary by consciously sanctifying each
      act, directing our thought spirit-ward. No need to fear surveillance camera
      or biometric chip. They can only monitor physical movements and brain bound
      thinking. Sense free thinking is inaccessible to them.
      Will depleted uranium be deadly in 900 years? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It
      may well depend upon what spiritual capacities we, even you and I friends,
      manage to develop. There may be those on earth in times to come who can heal
      and absorb harmful radiation. Mary Fullerson, who was healed from cancer by
      a truly life changing meeting with the Etheric Christ has said that
      'Radiance overcomes radiation.' And for those who did not read it in earlier
      posts, here she is again.

      Quote from 'The Form of the Fourth' by Mary Fullerson

      "We go deeper now. The skin is the outermost boundary of tangible, physical
      form; bone marrow is the opposite pole of inmost being. When the one is
      touched, the other reached by conscious Fire, they are made impervious and
      self restoring. When we relate properly to others in our thoughts and our
      feelings, our skin is changed. Marrow is quickened when we relate properly
      to Christ. This is the axis of surrender, the polarization of the two great
      Laws of Love as they affect physical tissue.
      radiation fall out is the negative energy resulting from man's abortive
      and self motivated use of cosmic powers. It can be changed to Light. Each
      particle can be transformed, beginning in the body of each Son. There the
      charge of negative can meet the positive of true dedication in an actual
      alchemy of radiation. It then ceases to damage and becomes an energizing
      factor to protect and emanate as transforming Light. As the transforming
      Blood is felt to circulate through arteries and veins when there is true
      identification in the Eucharistic rite, awareness of the Fire of
      Transfiguration makes it possible to feel the Light Body circulating through
      the marrow. This is Radiance. Radiance overcomes radiation. It will do
      this literally. Conscious Fire, Element of the invincible, posited in bone
      and marrow, agrees in essence with the Form of the Overcomer and attracts it
      there. Being of the same substance with the Light of etheric Presence,
      there is a magnetic drawing together and in the circle of Light which the
      two bodies form, radiation of lower level or degree is powerless. This is
      the Law of superior energy which man will come to know and live by in New
      Day." end quote.

      The word and means of power is available to us all. It is gentleness. The
      most important thing is to be kind. To whatsoever we are kind we are kin,
      kindred; we become relations, but more than ordinary blood relations, -
      brought into the purified blood relation of human-kind - the sweet
      measureless measure of love, pressed down and overflowing.
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