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10632How to fight against Asuras

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  • holderlin66
    Aug 16, 2004
      Bradford wrote;

      "If we look at the infection and the effects that radiation and DU or
      Depleted Urnaium has on man..we also come to an elemental mystery of
      how moral forces and betrayed fire spirits, ancient Agni fire gods,
      and spirits have been knocked out of sync with human development
      through our nuclear testing. You might say, how did you get that
      strange idea Bugford? Well my geiger counter is going to tell me
      that this part of the woods is not going to be safe to walk. Even if
      everything looks the same, the buildings are intact, flowers seem to
      grow, cars are in the streets, food is in cans, but something is
      wrong, the people are all dead.

      But try to hold in your depleted brain case, under the evil
      enchantment that allows thinking to go toward suicide, that Steiner,
      and most here on this list, will verify to your wicked enchantment
      that moral fire, elemental beings, salamanders and fire spirits of
      the great Agni, Asura and Sorathian variety, garden variety Saturn
      Courage and Immortality forces that are hiding as the central Core
      of the I AM and the conscious link to white or black magic are real

      Further comments;

      Friends we must needs ask ourselves, and those who remain in kiddie
      park abstraction, well, just sit in the back of the classroom and
      try not to fall asleep, we need to ask ourselves, if the fire tear
      in the ethers from nuclear enhanced matter allows the release of
      moral fire from the inner core of the Earth?

      What does this statement mean? We do not see the Fire Agni Spirits
      but they kill us in our bone marrow none the less. Moral forces are
      layered into the nine layers of the inner earth. And for humans the
      most refined moral ethers circulate in the core of our bones. In a
      way it is like moving from the epidermal layers of the outer skin of
      a human to the very core of the heart.

      "The skin is your largest organ, weighing about four kilograms and
      covering about two square metres. It is your interface with the
      environment, protecting you against chemicals, bacteria and
      radiation, helping you to maintain a stable body temperature, and
      stopping you from losing fluid and vital body chemicals. Your skin
      contains nerve endings that allow you to feel objects. Nails, which
      are also part of your skin layer, enable you to prise things open.

      The skin is waterproof, strong and resilient, yet also flexible. It
      consists of two layers of cells. The outer layer is called the
      epidermis and is made up of epithelial cells. The epidermis is
      supported from below by the dermis, which is a network of elastic
      fibres, blood vessels, hair follicles and roots, nerve endings, and
      sweat and lymph glands. Underneath the dermis, there is another
      layer of cells known as the hypodermis, which contains loose
      connective tissue and fat.

      The epidermis contains many layers of closely packed cells. The
      cells nearest the skin's surface are flat and filled with a hard
      substance called keratin. The epidermis contains no blood vessels –
      these are all in the dermis and deeper layers."

      Bradford continues;

      Can you see patches, literally holes torn in the ethers, where the
      Agni ancient Saturn and Asuric forces crawl out of their entombment
      in the inner earth and search for the food which they need? The food
      which they need is the moral fire of the immortal forces of the
      human being. People look carefully at these things. What is "The
      Hunger"? Well it was a film but now we are dealing with prematurely
      released fire. We think that by taking the precautions we have taken
      in nuclear plants around the world that we are containing, juggling
      and defusing the ancient released, Agni Fire Spirits.

      Technology thinks it contains these things. But let us look at the
      moral bone marrow hunger of the future moral fire, prematurely
      opened in the ether holes of the planet. In the core of the occult
      Earth we compressed and contained the negative field of the higher I
      AM. Along the surface of the planet, where we live, we go about our
      daily lives and our incarnations and our cultural developments with
      a brushing and submerged insight into forces, powerful cosmic forces
      that presently are pressing up from the Core of the Earth into our

      Now the accelerated field of holes, neatly placed nuclear power
      plants, can be compared, and pay attention here people, can be
      compared to how the Brotherhoods planted Churches at significant
      distances, and paths along the surface of the Earth. Some of those
      Churches have their foundations in ancient elemental and occult foci
      or geographic mysteries. Pagan Elemental wells, springs, lunar
      intersections, Greenwich longitude Time markers. Etheric language
      accents and etheric plant forces move along these occult markers.

      "Everyone uses Greenwich Time (pronounced "Grenich"). This is the
      time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. Greenwich is
      the place where the "zero" line of longitude runs (north-south).
      Why? Because it had to be somewhere and at the time it was defined,
      Britain was the Big Cheese.

      It is also called "International Time", or "Greenwich Mean Time."

      Interestingly, the rotation period of the Earth is not exactly 24
      hours. It is 23 hours 59 minutes and a few seconds. It is gradually
      slowing down due to the tidal influence of the Moon. As the Moon is
      forced farther away, it bleeds rotational energy from the Earth,
      slowing the Earth. It moves away a few centimeters a year.
      Eventually it will be lost (millions of years from now, or

      Bradford adds;

      But Steiner had posed a future relationship with the Moon that might
      grow complex bits of morality, human brain substance devoid of
      morality, combined with immoral techno, semi-ensouled machine
      beings. If the Moon drifts away we see a vast micro world, a nano
      technology wizardry in the layered intellect arising. If the Moon
      after drifting away comes closer, these fragments can arise to
      overthrow human beings. We are part of the process now in how we
      hold our own Calibrated development within certain margins or betray
      that margin irrationally because we do not have the courage, spirit
      or thinking capacity to see the interconnectedness of things. And to
      share Steiner's pre-emptive insights that these immoral techno
      beings between silcon stone and plant arise to insect layer and
      arose from our union with insect like techno achievements uprooted
      from moral forces is to follow an intense line of thinking that
      specialization in our sciences and Morality in our world, refuses to

      Now the Agni/Asuric forces we deal with in slow infection have to do
      with accelerated moral decay. If the human being can be hurled along
      paths, hurled meaning, it appears slow, but in relation to nuclear
      fission holes in the ether and releasing out of sync future Asuric
      elementals into the environment, look you, gradually morality begins
      to decay. No Geneva Convention will stand up against our inability
      to see the connection of things in the universe.

      In semi summary:

      Ancient Saturn, where anthro impaired thinkers have not explored, is
      where our fire and immortality were salvaged and linked, along with
      the destiny of Christ to slow moral development, Earth based
      development. But because of the very nature of the Christ entering
      the core of the Earth, there has come to us, even before we are
      ready to think through these things, a kind of accelerated Manichean
      moral issue, of slow or rapid addiction, moral decay, devouring
      ecstasy pills and participating in happy time sexual orgies,
      released free basing Porn, offered for all ages and all tastes. Now
      this challenge of the dark fires against the challenge of the white
      fires need not creep up on us in such a secret and infectious
      manner. We refuse to think and catch up to these things none the

      We could picture to ourselves how various technologies we release on
      the upper part of the globe are really part of the key codes that
      release deeper and deeper occult mysteries in layers of the inner
      Earth. But we must have real thinking to approach our countrymen
      with living educational insights. The closest thing to imagining all
      that I have said here, would be Sauron and his ancient Saturn

      "Sauron (which means "terrible" in Kvenian) is a supreme being,
      ainur, created by the thought of Iluvatar (i.e. "father of
      everything") from Flame Imperishable. He is one of the makers of
      Arda, a visible world, as well as a maiar. Sauron served Aule the
      Smith, the Lord of all the beings. He is the embodiment of Evil
      in "The Lord of the Rings".

      Bradford folds arms;

      It is to our horror and nightmare that we present wonderful nuclear
      containment, reams of techno gibberish and yet fail to imagine what
      truly makes up the Moral forces of our Earth. Our failure to
      understand the holes we are knocking in the occult Earth with our
      nuclear testing, and sprinkling of the ecosystem with Depleted
      Uranium etc, produces future fire energy without present or past
      fire insight.

      All of this as it relates to the Christ Being has been hidden from
      us. All of this, as it relates to locations of nuclear plants and
      new churches for the Asuric Beings to be thrust into cannisters and
      dumped in mountains like sacred Native American grounds and Yucca
      Mountain or tossed to leak and rust at the bottom of the seas,
      reveals a failure to understand the Beasts of Light that we must
      needs encounter as Picture and Imagination and as Science and
      Technology. Central to such understanding is the core of the
      Immortality of Humanity and the mystery of the Occult Core of the
      Nine Layered Earth.

      In Christic Imaginations you can go to any Altar of the Christian
      Community or to Waldorf Schools and see brilliant paintings,
      Imaginations of the Christ Being in all his Solar glory painted
      around the pictured Golgotha event and Michael and the Dragon
      pictures at the entrance ways to schools. Let us link the related
      fields of insight along these lines.

      Einstein, Oppenheimer and President Harry Truman, 33rd President of
      the United States, reveals the culmination of a cycle of a 12 year
      assault by Ahrimanic Beings to finally establish the release on
      Earth of lofty imprisoned Fire Beings. Incinerating Agni fire
      spirits were used directly on Human Beings to end WWII. But all we
      deal with are the symptoms not the underlying stream of moral
      events. Hitler was just a core, vortex personality along with Japan
      which focused and motivated all parties, all the warring parties to
      give birth to the nuclear beast. We fail to see that that was the
      intention of Ahrimanic and frustrating and pressing forces of WWII.
      We fail to see how the reverberations of the Christ Etheric Rising
      and the birth of Spiritual Science caused such mighty choatic
      ripples in the chaos of the moral sphere of Man. These ugly
      motivating inspirations moved along in conjunction with the Christ
      Event of 1933 and the depth of Initiation Science released by Dr.

      In Christic terms there is one Gold twenty dollar piece minted in
      1933, the only and last one left after the batch were destroyed,
      that was worth 8 million dollars. Gold and the human I AM are in
      refined enhanced moral distribution over the whole Earth. Coupled
      with fine Iron forces that enter the blood through the meteor
      showers in August.

      Now science recently have revealed to stunned researchers how great
      patches of Sea are sinisterly cold and devoid of oxygen. Fish
      suddenly swim in these mighty migrating oxygenless cool regions and
      whole regions of flora, fauna and fish die of asphixiation. These
      migrating shadow patches of icy clustered waters are moving in our
      oceans like giant cancerous cells of life sucking, etheric depleting
      gloomy monsters.

      Gatherered around our cities, Asuric like Predator shadows, and if
      we need a picture, imagine the Predator movie with a being invisible
      to our sight, but in their elemental power, stalk the cities for
      prey and to feed on moral depravity. You ask about gun control and
      stopping crime and blah, and blah, and blah, and what little efforts
      to take hold of the whole picture of the moral sphere of humanity,
      does the tiny patch of whining do? Yes we shouldn't hurt each other
      now should we? We shouldn't have those bad, bad impulses now should
      we? But where in blithering hell do you think these impulses are
      coming from, if not man himself and being drawn out of him in a
      decayed light infected environment.

      We imagine that violence, and War and wonderful helium ideas of
      peace can arise when we are unaware of how profoundly interconnected
      and potent are the forces that we are not dealing with. Why? Because
      the specialization of departments of thinking at our universities
      have severed the interconnectedness of reality that RAchel Carson

      The Church fails us in catching up with Imagination. "Lord of the
      Rings" is quickly buried a Pop culture tweeks, clubs and crackpots
      but the Imagination is not applied, the fruit of the writing and the
      film is harvesting the pictures that overlay our moral development
      and our sciences. Human beings just scamper away from considering
      the reality of our current Abu Ghraib and over 200 world wide
      Torture chambers, torture Photo Ops and smiling gawking over
      tortured and murdered humans. This little argument, against the
      Geneva Convention that the United States has raised is just the tip
      of a massive iceberg on which we are riding. Dare you imagine what
      is under our feet and how the whole layered strata of Earth are
      truly based on Occult nucleus of how the bones of man are made and
      the central core of the force of the I Am?

      So have we ripped holes in the Ether strata to let these beings out
      and is our technology from GPS and microwave satellites and our
      positioning of nuclear reactors and other deadly labs linked
      together with our military satellite operations creating a kind of
      projection in space of inner earth occult realities?

      To understand the long forgotten notion of "The China Syndrome" we
      must be reminded that melting, fizzling, Fire Spirit infected
      immoral matter could, through a nuclear meltdown, melt all the way
      through from one point on the Earth, all the way through the Earth
      and down to the otherside of the Earth in was is termed Meltdown or
      the China Syndrome. It was called "The China Syndrome" but what type
      of cluster of embryonic monsters would arise if such melting into
      the core of the Earth would ever occur?

      Kids in the back of the classroom can now go to recess now, while
      the rest of us ponder the predicatment and corner we have painted
      ourselves into.
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