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  • joksu57
    Aug 15, 2004
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      Dear Jan!

      Thank you for sharing us this lovely episode. You have described "on
      a small scale" something that reminds me from one aspect of
      the "Mystery of the Holy Eucharist". After the Mystery of Golgotha
      the whole Earth was permeated by Christ/Love. In some sense,
      whatever we eat, belongs now to the "Body of Christ". Perhaps we
      should also remember this thruth, when we are nourishing ourselves.
      Then, as in the case of that very Special Child, the
      ordinary "bread" could turn into Holy Manna, into "transcendental
      bread". (Conserning the question about the "daily bread" in Lord's
      Prayer the Latin version says: "panem nostrum SUPERsubstantialem da
      nobis hodie".)


      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Jan <starbirdgarden@b...>
      > A tiny interchange worth remembering.
      > Three children were seated around the table in my kitchen, two
      so called
      > 'normal' children and one 'special needs,' very Special Child with
      a mild
      > form of autism who suffers much. I cut them slices of home baked
      > which they ate heartily, although habituated to 'junk foods'.
      > The Special Child took one bite, then looked up with an amazed
      > on her face.
      > 'Auntie, it's, it's....! What did you put in this bread?' I saw
      that she
      > really wanted to know. It was important that she identify it
      correctly to
      > herself.
      > 'I put love into it sweetheart,' I replied and the other two
      > But the Special Child, the child who sees spirits and elves and
      > bitterly because her parents do not believe in God, met my eyes
      with a flash
      > of joy and was satisfied with the truth.
      > She ate her bread slowly and reverently as though it were Holy
      > Which for her, it was.
      > Jan
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