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10616How to fight against Asuras

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  • joksu57
    Aug 11, 2004
      Hello Brad and Jan!

      Bradford brought up very inspiring ideas about the Sun Being, gold
      (as a metal "belonging" to the Sun) and Earth as a cocoon. Then I
      remembered a parable about the Kingdom of Heaven given to us by
      Christ Jesus:
      "The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and
      hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened."

      This "leaven" (or a "mustard seed" in an another parable) is the
      true spiritual gold brought to Earth by Christ Jesus and our
      Heavenly Father. And now Earth is a mighty cocoon, because Earth is
      in a process of becaming a future Sun; transforming slowly to
      Spiritual Gold! A "Logos-mission" lies ahead of our humanity and
      that is why our school in this planet is so hard and thorough.

      It's so nice to exchange thoughts with you again, Brad. As I told to
      Jan earlier, the first half of this years was quite difficult to me
      and I didn't have the energy to write anything to the forum. But
      then before my voyage to London I wrote to Jan. We exhanged some
      posts and finally we had an inspiring meeting in Jan's home. And now
      I feel much better!

      Jan, in my first post I also thought about the Manicheans and I have
      felt a long time that the teachings of Mr. Ervast are bordering
      closely the Manichean stream. After the changes in Karma, I think
      that nowadays the Manichean magic has more possibilities to become
      operative. Jesus Christ of course showed us what it is like when one
      is "not resisting evil". But martyrdom was the fate of the early
      christians. And "speakers of thruth" were killed along many, many
      centuries. But in later times, e.g. Leo Tolstoy, HPB and Dr. Steiner
      could live and work. When we think about Rudolf Steiner, certainly
      there was martyrdom in his life, but now it was connected to his
      work and teachings; he was not killed.

      After the second, ethereal coming of the Christ, possibilities are
      much greater. Those souls, who strive in earnest but don't succeed
      in one incarnation to fulfill their special "duty" (dharma), have
      anyway made great preparations towards their next incarnation.
      Christ is the Lord of Karma and there is no reason for despair.

      Jan, give my regards to Graham; the Camden Town was interesting
      place, Ahto really loved it!

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