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10615Re: [anthroposophy] How to fight against Asuras

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  • Jan
    Aug 11, 2004
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      More synchronicity! I was very recently reading and pondering this
      poem..... Much food for thought Brad. Let the digesting begin....

      > The White Moth.
      > If a leaf rustled, she would start:
      > And yet she died, a year ago
      > How had so frail a thing the heart
      > To journey where she trembled so?
      > And do they turn and turn in fright,
      > Those little feet, in so much night?
      > The light above the poet's head
      > Streamed on the page and on the cloth,
      > And twice and thrice there buffeted
      > On the black pane a white-wingd moth:
      > 'Twas Annie's soul that beat outside,
      > And "Open, open, open!" cried:
      > I could not find the way to God;
      > There were too many flaming suns
      > For signposts, and the fearful road
      > Led over wastes where millions
      > Of tangled comets hissed and burned--
      > I was bewilder'd and I turned.
      > "O, it was easy then! I knew
      > Your window and no star beside.
      > Look up and take me back to you!"
      > He rose and thrust the window wide.
      > 'Twas but because his brain was hot
      > With rhyming; for he heard her not.
      > But poets polishing a phrase
      > Show anger over trivial things:
      > And as she blundered in the blaze
      > Towards him, on ecstatic wings,
      > He raised a hand and smote her dead;
      > Then wrote, "That I had died instead."
      > Bradford comments;
      > There is an occult perception, very simple to observe, very complex
      > but as simple as any lesson that was ever written in the great book
      > of nature. Moth and Butterfly and how each relates to the light are
      > a visible lesson. What is the moral of this story? It has profound
      > meaning. Moths have an erratic nervous disorder in relation to the
      > light. Butterflies have a well organized Devachan imprint on their
      > wing patterns. Butterflies reveal tribe, nation, and pheromone
      > scented holiness of their distinct and specific tracking breed.
      > In Spiritual Science we find the road to Konig and Steiner where a
      > Butterfly and the blossom and petals of a flower reveal a rooted
      > mystery and a freed mystery. In fact in any Waldorf Training camp we
      > can follow the steps of the caterpillar, the stages of it and see
      > how the Holy SPirit hovers in living and loving numerical ratio over
      > the blossom and plant kingdom. There is an entombment death and
      > Resurrection in the life of the caterpillar. In other words the
      > blossom and the butterfly are a calibrated match.
      > I love the word calibrated, one can see a great deal with the word
      > calibrated. Size and ratio of Being to Being are calibrated. The
      > Moon moving closer or further away reveals the giant redwood forests
      > or the calibrated current size of the butterfly.
      > The Butterfly is not a bird, it is the hovering soul and spirit,
      > Angels of the Plant world. How is your Nectar, blood sugar and
      > courage today? Do you really understand blood sugar and diabetes?
      > Has your sweet nectar also fed the Dead and your Angel? Has it
      > produced some thought life that is not merely bug lite?
      > Now things go very differently for the moth. Here you have an
      > opportunity to study, "The Devil and Daniel Webster". This is an
      > important study, as important as Faust is to Anthros. "The Devil and
      > Daniel Webster" is really about imprisoning the soul/spirit and the
      > nature of Moth to light. It is part of the study that leads us
      > toward the objective lessons of the Asuras vs the courage of
      > humanity.
      > But we need not study these texts..we find ourselves faint and
      > thought thickens, chills and slows in us. We crave a quicker
      > gratification to our question. The development of the Moth, its
      > brown, dried leaf imagery, where the life force has been depleted
      > from it, creates also an erratic nervous disorder in how the moth is
      > constantly fooled by Light. The moth is pathologically fooled by
      > false light. It suffers from a suicidal nervous disorder that
      > hungers for false light the way butterflies hunger for true Plant
      > perfume prayers. Prayers of perfume that the plant has wrought in
      > its humble earth bound enchantment rise into the air and these
      > prayer signals are read in the pheromone navigation of the tribes,
      > breeds and various families of butterfly Angels.
      > Some might think Spiritual Science is being poetic on this point. If
      > you think this is a sweet poetic metaphor or analogy you have no
      > idea the depth of Goethean Science nor the depth of the question of
      > how to approach the fight against the Asuras. It is a topic that
      > still haunts us and makes us shiver. It makes us shiver more than
      > the Christ warms our courage. Or; how do we find courage and do we
      > need to constantly place ourselves in Frodo's matrix of tension?
      > Jan wrote profoundly on the biographical excursions into dangerous
      > philosophic regions as explored by Isabel Fairfield. Does the
      > butterfly gain its superior Devachan wing colorings by tasting and
      > facing sharper Devachan mysteries? What are sharper Devachan
      > mysteries in the world around us? Do you know?
      > The nervous disorder and infection that has built up to a craving in
      > the moth also builds up in a human being. To become addicted to the
      > falsity of mistaking S&M for Love or mistaking the Risen Etheric
      > Christ imbued brotherhood for SunScreen; or quiet poisoning of
      > Depleted Uranium in the woody whispers of forests and meadows that
      > show acre upon acre of greenery, but, the forest is Chernobyl and
      > the poison will remain this way, in the murky invisibility of occult
      > deception, for 900 years, cursed. But all the elemntal beings will
      > have been changed to monsters.. this represents only a fragment of
      > the nature of the infection of the Asura and the corruption of Light
      > itself. What is the shelf life of an elemental being?
      > Jan, Joksu and I would also draw attention to Orc and Elve, but all
      > these are specific studies and alas, only rare researchers engage
      > their wings, engage their Devachan curiosity into regions where
      > humanity strays from the light. Most haven't the science, the soul
      > or the intelligence to see the hidden patterns running from
      > religion, politics, science and through the halls of nature up to
      > the soul of each human being. Therefore these big questions, ASURAS,
      > make the squeamish want to run to the potty and pee.
      > But when faddish craving for tatoo and torture, gothic sensuality
      > and enjoying the torture and interrogation of prisoners and giving
      > the nod to Abu Ghraib and CIA and Israel Gulags..left over from Nazi
      > and Stalin infested Gulags, all these fads and immoral decisions of
      > humanity move steadily toward Asura worship. That worship is what
      > the disorder in the moth reveals. It shows that the wings have been
      > depleted of their living light, their Devachan glory. Shrivelled
      > brownish, sometimes pure white maggot ghost vegetable moths...and
      > yet no matter how exotic the vampires of the night appear, the soul
      > and the moth have absorbed a disorder of the order of the moral
      > lesson of nature into their systems.
      > For indeed A Sun Being of the magitude of the Christ turned with
      > Solar Magnification into the single body of a human being and walked
      > as a Sun Compass on the Earth. But equally, the beings who move our
      > immortality forwards along the prayer of plants and the works and
      > deeds of humanity through courage and compassion also have their
      > Manichean polar opposite in the reverse of the progress, in the
      > corrosion and eating away of the I AM through specific stages. Jan
      > and Joksu can outline these specific stages with astonishing
      > originality.
      > To get to the core of the I AM and tear away portions of it, The I
      > AM must be slowly corrupted from within. That Egotism could become
      > so material that instead of eating my brothers and sisters hearts in
      > spirit, in thought, in joy and celebration of their existence, we
      > literally eat our brothers hearts. Instead of understanding the I AM
      > in the blood we quantify and learn to breed certain racial strains
      > of blood and flesh. We take cellular identity and we rob it of its
      > orginality and chip pieces of the glory of the I AM into cloned,
      > manmade cellular, star cursed, clusters of matter. Can we and will
      > we go this far without plunging into the very Ethics out of which
      > Spiritual Science and Anthroposophy are made of?
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