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10608Re: [anthroposophy] How to fight against Asuras

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  • Jan
    Aug 9, 2004
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      Re: [anthroposophy] How to fight against Asuras



      Quote from The Etherisation of the Blood – Rudolf Steiner
      “ The dream of Socrates, that virtue can be taught, will come true; more and more it will be possible on Earth not only for the intellect to be stimulated and energized by this teaching but for moral impulses to be spread abroad. Schopenhauer said, “To preach morality is easy; to establish it is very difficult.” Why is this? Because no morality has yet been spread by preaching. It is quite possible to recognise moral principles and yet not abide by them. For most people the Pauline saying holds good, that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. This will change, because the moral fire streaming from the figure of Christ will intensify recognition of the need for moral impulses. Man will transform the earth by feeling with ever-increasing strength that morality is an essential part of it. In the future, to be immoral will be possible only for individuals who are goaded in this direction, who are possessed by evil demons, by Ahrimanic, Asuric Powers and more-over aspire to be so.
       In time to come there will be on Earth a sufficient number of individuals who teach morality and at the same time sustain its principles; but there will also be those who by their own free decision surrender themselves to the evil Powers and thus enable an excess of evil to be pitted against a good humanity. Nobody will be forced to do this; it will lie in the free will of each individual.” end quote

        By means of deep and sustained study of  Spiritual Science and practice of the exercises and meditations, we come into relation with Christ. The consciousness soul, arising from unconscious transformation of the physical body is lit by the ego (see lecture above from Steiner Archive)  and is therefore not in the province of any shaman.  What is immediately necessary is to bring Lucifer and Ahriman into balance via  relatedness to Christ, which strengthens the ego and enables it to transform the soul forces while also beginning the redemption of the adversaries as it brings them into relation with Christ also.
        The Rose Cross meditation has a directly purifying influence upon the blood, and the Foundation Stone meditation brings us into healing relationship with the transforming and regenerating powers of the Trinity, via a useful and powerful working relationship with the hierarchies.
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