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1060Re: [anthroposophy] Engines & Electricity

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  • elaine upton
    Jun 1, 2000
      Hello all,

      Thanks, dear Bruce, for this excerpt on electricity, Ahrimanic Exuasia, and
      the need for morality in these *matters*.

      You write:

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      >Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 12:15:08 +1000
      >In 1954 Mr. Schiller lectured in New York on Rudolf Steiner's

      >"Today people use electricity without knowing what it is. Only a
      >knowledge of its real nature can protect man against the destructive
      >forces which assume as Ahrimanic Exusiai, the garment of light gone

      And what, according to anthroposophy, is its (electricity's) "real nature"?
      I remember somewhere Steiner saying that electricity is the decay or the
      fragmentation of Thought. What of that, say ye, any and all?

      Then this:
      >"Natural heat and natural light redeems matter, electricity and
      >magnetism imprison it.

      Ah-ha! Yes, I see a picture here.

      >In regard to electricity and magnetism we need a
      >moral judgment. Modern science explains the whole world as a product of
      >electricity, i.e. sub-physical forces.

      A moral judgement? Judging what, may i ask? If we go beyond modern science
      (or post-modern, even--smile), we see that there are more than just
      "sub-physical forces", but beings, Ahrimanic at a high level, engaged in the
      business of fragmentation, separation, in-organicism. The moral
      light--Light--that penetrates and unifies is what is needed then, i would
      think. That Light is the Living Christ. That's how I see it, and I am still
      learning to see more deeply, so any help is always appreciated.

      >"Our thoughts concerning nature are in themselves creative forces and
      >upon Jupiter and Venus they will take on real shape.

      Yes, our thoughts entering the stream of Thought, creating. IT THINKS.
      Again, the entrance of the Light that is Christ. Somehow, I see the T of
      eurythmy here, raying down into the head, on to the heart, through the body
      and to the limbs. TOUCH. T. Touch as more than idle, more than the
      switching or exchange of electricity. TOUCH as the entrance of Divine
      Thought, that LIGHT.

      >Even as nature
      >slides down into the sub-sensible, so man must rise to the
      >supersensible. He does it by learning to grasp the nature of the etheric
      >forces in a concrete and specific manner."

      Thanks. Yes, again Christ in the Second Coming, the Etheric, the Creative
      generating principle, not just the degenerating one.

      Pace e Bene,

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