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  • heather
    Jun 22, 2004
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66"
      <holderlin66@h...> wrote:
      > "Do you know the half-life of a microtuble, the protein filaments
      > that form the internal scaffolding of a (brain) cell? ... 10
      > www.sci-con.org/articles/20040601.html
      > Maurice
      > So Maurice;
      > What do you make of the intense short life of this tiny protein
      > elemental being? Care to add anything? Just drop an undigested
      > for fun? Etheric life and how one reviews the entire human body
      > scaling off its former skin and bone, every 7 years, against the
      > model is interesting, and is there life or as the Philosophy of
      > Freedom has indicated, Thinking, when thinking is done, tends to
      > the organism, or radiate a O zero point dark room field for
      > against the domination of the life forces of the etheric. In other
      > words, the vitality of the etheric doesn't promote thought, it is
      > rather that thought arises as a stream that interferes for a second
      > or less, with etheric life.

      > Usually Maurice you have some inner, astute intellectual line of
      > reasoning rumbling around in your brain case, something to justify
      > and prove the existence of soul and spirit.

      I was just reading this today and wondered if this was on topic:

      RS writes;
      "The nervous system is the only system that has no direct connection
      to the spirit-soul. Blood, muscles and so forth always have some
      direct connection to the spirit-soul; however, the nervous system
      never has a direct connection. That it has any connection to the
      spirit-soul is only because it continuously shuts itself off from
      human functioning; it is not present because it continuously decays.
      The other elements live, and therefore form direct connections to the
      spirit-soul. The nervous system is in a continuous state of dying. It
      is always saying to the human being, "You can develop because I
      present you with no hindrance, because I make sure that I am not
      there with my life!" That is what is so peculiar. In psychology and
      physiology you will find the nervous system presented as the organ
      from which we receive sensations, thinking and the spirit-soul in
      general. However, how is it that this organ is the intermediary? It
      is possible only because the nervous system removes itself from life
      and thereby presents no hindrance to thinking and sensing; it, in
      fact, has absolutely no connection to thinking and feeling, and,
      where it exists, it allows the human being to be empty in
      relationship to the spirit-soul. Where the nerves exist, the spirit-
      soul meets only spaces, gaps; and, where these gaps exist, the spirit-
      soul can enter. We must be thankful to the nervous system that it is
      not concerned with the spirit-soul and that it, in fact, does not do
      any of the things physiologists and psychologists say it does."
      (p.130 from, " The Foundations of Human Experience" formerly "The
      Study of Man")

      **From personal experience, I have absolutely no memory of the pains
      of giving birth. Thank goodness!

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