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10575Wuthering Heights/Twelvefold sense system

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  • holderlin66
    Jun 7, 2004
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      holderlin wrote:

      "Because to track among the 6 billion souls, specific signatures of
      certain souls and track them through Time and come up with facts of
      the Karma lectures is to understand the Ego Tracking, instinct, Soul
      Mate and I AM recognition capacity latent in our higher development.
      Part of our I AM development and it's twelvefold sense system, is the
      capacity for Ego Tracking or Sense of Ego. Just think on that. Well
      first, try to research the twelvefold sense system. Sense of Word,
      Idea, Ego...that is if you wish to be a student of the Michael


      "Thus we arrive at the sense of tone: perhaps it would be better to
      call it the sense of speech or the sense of word. It is simply
      nonsense to think that perception of words is the same as perception
      of sounds. The two are as distinct and different from one another as
      are taste and sight. To be sure, sounds open the inner world of
      objects to our perception, but these sounds must become much more
      inward before they can become meaningful words. Therefore it is a
      step into a deeper intimacy with the world when we proceed from
      perceiving sounds through the sense of hearing to perceiving meaning
      through the sense of the word.

      And yet, when I perceive a mere word I am still not so intimately
      connected with the object, with the external thing, as I am
      connected with it when I perceive the thoughts behind the words. At
      this stage, most people cease to make any distinctions. But there is
      a distinction between merely perceiving words and actually
      perceiving the thoughts behind the words. After all, you still can
      perceive words when a phonograph — or writing, for that matter — has
      separated them from their thinker. But a sense that goes deeper than
      the usual word sense must come into play before I can come into a
      living relationship with the being that is forming the words, before
      I can enter through the words and transpose myself directly into the
      being that is doing the thinking and forming the concepts. That
      further step calls for the sense I would like to call the sense of

      And there is another sense that gives an even more intimate sense of
      the outer world than the sense of thought. It is the sense that
      enables you to feel another being as yourself and that makes it
      possible to be aware of yourself while at one with another being.
      That is what happens if one turns one's thinking, one's living
      thinking, towards the being of another. Through living thinking one
      can behold the I of this being: the sense of the I .

      You see, it really is necessary to distinguish between the ego
      sense, which makes you aware of the I of another person, and the
      awareness of yourself. The difference is not just that in one case
      you are aware of your own I and, in the other, of someone else's
      I . The two perceptions come from different sources. The seeds of
      our ability to distinguish one another were sown on Old Saturn. The
      beginnings of this sense were implanted in us then. The basis of
      your being able to perceive another person as an I was established
      on Old Saturn. But it was not until the Earth stage of evolution
      that you obtained your own I ; so the ego sense is not to be
      identified with the I that ensouls you from within. The two must
      be strictly distinguished from one another. When we speak of the ego
      sense, we are referring to the ability of one person to be aware of
      the I of another.

      "...The other senses about which we have been speaking are not
      recognised by our externally-orientated, material science. And so I
      ask you to carefully distinguish the ability to be aware of another
      I from the ability you could call the consciousness of self. With
      respect to this distinction, my deep love of material science forces
      me to make an observation, for a deep love of material science also
      enables one to see what is going on: today's material science is
      afflicted with stupidity. It turns stupid when it tries to describe
      what happens when someone uses his ego sense.

      Our material science would have us believe that when one person
      meets another he unconsciously deduces from the other's gestures,
      facial expressions, and the like, that there is another I present —
      that the awareness of another I is really a subconscious deduction.
      This is utter nonsense! In truth, when we meet someone and perceive
      their I we perceive it just as directly as we perceive a colour.
      It really is thick-headed to believe that the presence of another
      I is deduced from bodily perceptions, for this obscures the truth
      that humans have a special, higher sense for perceiving the I of

      The I of another is perceived directly by the ego sense, just as
      brightness and darkness and colours are perceived through the eyes.
      It is a particular sense that relates us to another I . This is
      something that has to be experienced. Just as a colour affects me
      directly through my eyes, so another person's I affects me
      directly through my ego sense. At the appropriate time we will
      discuss the sense organ for the ego sense in the same way that we
      could discuss the sense organs of seeing, of sight. With sight it is
      simply easier to refer to material manifestations than it is in the
      case of the ego sense, but each sense has its own particular organ."

      Bradford comments;

      Here on the internet, is is exactly this sense of word, of thought
      and of I Am intuition that allows us to discern the tone of voice
      and thought of those we truly admire and hear with our hearts. This
      is very important for internet identity. The unique thought
      constructs of Harvey, Joksu, Maurice, Kevin Dann, Juan,
      Lightsearcher, Jan and Danny and so many, must be felt, heard in
      ones mind's eye and at that point we begin to feel the I AM or Ego,
      but we have no face or gesture to put to it. No outer photo to match
      up with our inner perception of the people we understand and hear
      with our hearts. This is a very, very important piece of the puzzle
      of learning and respecting. It is understanding that navigation on
      the internet is interesting if you can understand and hold in your
      heart various shades of discernment. This, by the way, begins to
      improve your ability to track karmically by the nature of thought
      and word, and heart navigation.

      Those who struggle with Anthro models of education must learn to see
      clearly what they are seeing. Word-Thought or Idea-Ego Sense are
      exacting parts of the twelvefold sense system study. But how do you
      know if you can understand some of the concepts Steiner throws out
      there? Sight, Taste, Sound, Touch, smell are Pentagonally solid 6th
      grade observations, but moving into the exact fields of higher
      observation allows one to feel the higher twelvefold sense system as
      closer to observation than you might think.
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