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1055Re: [anthroposophy] Near death experience

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  • crcjct@ix.netcom.com
    May 29, 2000
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      Thank you for the references. I remember the description of the initiate being
      "unconscious" for 3 days and 3 nights. Do you know of any references to people
      today going through a similar ceremony?

      I'm thinking especially of a dear friend who suddenly was taken ill with
      hepititus, double pneumonia and required emergency surgery for revmoval of his
      gall bladder. This man was involved in important work and just turned 70 when the
      illness struck recently. No one thought he would survive this catastrophic turn
      of events and for 3 days and 3 nights he was almost comatose.

      When he awoke after surgery, he felt wonderful, with no pain and renewed focus on
      his work.

      Does this sound familiar to you? I found it very interesting.

      DoctorStarman@... wrote:

      > crcjct@... writes:
      > >I'm hoping somebody will remember where it was written that there are
      > >times when a person is brought to the brink of death for 3 days and 3
      > >nights (similar to ancient initiatory ceremonies), then brought back to
      > >the land of living for a specific purpose.
      > >I read about this a few years ago but have no idea where to begin
      > >searching for the passage. I'd appreciate your help and references.
      > >Thanks,
      > >Janet
      > *******Steiner referred to this first, I believe, in his "Christianity As A
      > Mystical Fact" in 1902, and then in his lectures on the gospels (especially
      > the early ones starting with John in 1908), connecting the 3 1/2 day "temple
      > sleep" of ancient Egypt with the initiation of Lazarus and then the
      > transformation of the Saviour during the days in the tomb. Somewhere along
      > that line of investigation I recall that statement being in the transcripts.
      > The significance is it's a half-week or 1/8th a Moon-cycle. This period is
      > also the average time for the dissolution of the etheric body after death for
      > we human beings in our present era. A separation of the etheric during life
      > is a complete change like death if kept up for 3 1/2 days.
      > Dr. Starman
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