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10543Re: [anthroposophy] Here is naziSSlam

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  • Steven Winegardner
    May 14, 2004
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      Stop abusing this site with your problems.  The site is for discussions related to anthroposophy.

      >>> foncteur@... 5/14/2004 4:26:07 AM >>>
      Today is a day where we cannot keep silent any longer.
      Nick Berg, 26, was killed in a horrible way, for just one reason :
      because he is jewish.
      Like Danny Pearl.
      Today we MUST not keep silent about a FACT : that Islam is
      antisemitic and causes the hate towards Jews, from it's very coranic
      The following link shows the complete video of the racist murder.
      CAUTION : if you click on it, YOU SEE DIRECTLY THE HORROR.


      I saw it and then I choose not to kill myself. Then I showed it to my
      children. Because my children are jewish french children (their
      mother is jewish, I also was but I am now an atheist). And French
      children MUST TODAY know what is Islam. Just to have a chance of
      staying alive.

      The following link shows photos of the horror. If you click on it,
      you DO NOT SEE directly the murder, there is still one stage.


      To be human is to SEE : this is one of the basic axioms of western
      knowledge, from Descartes to Husserl and Steiner.

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