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10521Southern Cross Review Nr. 34

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    May 10, 2004
      Dear Friends and Subscribers,

      Your patience has been rewarded. The new issue of Southern Cross Review (Nr.
      34) is now on your cyber-doorstep.

      Just to show that all U.S.-Americans aren't all that bad, in "Editor's Page" I
      took the liberty of describing the visit of a group of gringo kids to Argentina
      in order to help a school here. (There is also a Spanish version.)

      The Letters to the Editor this month are, I must admit, interesting, despite
      the fact that they mostly vehemently disagree with what I wrote last issue
      about the flick "The Passion of the Christ" and conspiracy theorists.

      Iraq is a big issue at the moment, and will remain so for quite a while, we
      fear. Peter W. Galsbraith not only criticizes the Bush administration's foolish
      acts, but also offers some very rational ways out of the quagmire. John R.
      MacArthur and Joe Wilson are vociferous in their opposition to the war, or at
      least how it's being handled.

      Under "Science and Technology" our favorite expert on these subject, Steve
      Talbott, offers another of his thought provoking essays.

      So you don't believe in gnomes, elves, fairies and such folk? Read Buck Young's
      in-depth historical analysis. Maybe you'll change your mind!

      Louise Rinser was a well loved German author and essayist who died recently at
      90 years of age. Her novel "Miryam", about Mary Magdalene, in a first English
      translation, starts this issue. It's a lovely book.

      The Fiction section offers a full palette: a couple of things by FTS, as well
      as short fiction by Gaither Stewart and Mike Ingles.

      A book review by Bobby Matherne is listed under "Poetry", simply because it's
      about a book of Lisel Mueller's poetry, and Bobby couldn't resist quoting a
      charming piece in Mary Shelley's voice.


      Frank Thomas Smith
      JoAnn Schwartz


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