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  • minnie_hah
    Apr 1, 2004
      AhHAH! Ye ole Brad-aka-Nails "holderin666" wannabee espouses once more amid dribbles
      of venom for Lightsearcher1 et al, we view with glee...

      Yea, what to our wondering eyes should appear
      But a cranial vacuumitis with shorted out neurons
      Suddenly from the 8th Sphere arising he comes
      Why, who but "holderlin666", as we choke down the Tums!

      Clutching his Koran with John Kerry the Fraud
      T'is clear he's swallowed the Beyond Left Wing Liberals' baud
      Retaining at all costs his "666" ocular scales
      We find "holderlin666" melding with his whining anti-Bush wails.

      Yea, as we walk inside the shadow of Sorath, "holderlin666" slashes the True
      As he stumbles blindly amid his miasmic gaze of unconscious haze of the Clue
      Blind to actuality and truth, none of which he grasps
      While shaming mightily the Steinerite Foundation he so readily rasps.

      Decrepit and unknowing in blindness severe, our HERO, laughs Sorat et al,
      Gleeful with joy from his love of the lie implanted deeply into "holderlin666"'s caul
      Yet darkness descends thickly upon brad/holderlin at the peril of his soul
      Spreading hate-filled verbeage attuned to untruth, having swallowed the Haliburton

      Where Angels weep, yet go we, though not in glee
      Foreseeing the fate "holderlin666" et al attempt to flee
      Yet could Hope ensue with Truth the reality that this Blessed Season
      Of Easter, the Resurrection of The Christ, descend upon "holderlin666"'s absent reason?


      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@h...> wrote:
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "lightsearcher1"
      > What to my wondering eyes should appear
      > But a miniature brain with eight taliban beards
      > Suddenly from the house there arose such a muffle,
      > It must be Light Searcher with his usual shuffle.
      > Clinging to Santa, Rush Limbaugh the addict
      > Watching Bush fizzle like rug clinging static
      > Hating the Spanish, the French and the Germans
      > LightSearcher charges his usual gremlins.
      > He rides a good saddle when it comes to the Grail
      > But mention dumb Bush and watch him wail.
      > Backing an Idiot a Priest or a Fundie God,
      > Bush holds office because the 'big man' gave him the nod.
      > Stiff and unbending LightSearcher defends,
      > Our freedoms stolen, but Big Ron kneels with Amens!
      > Oh, ya, it's tough when you pick on helpless Iraqi's
      > And all Our money goes to Haliburton lackies.
      > But somewhere inside Ron just dialed a wrong number
      > The answer was Wake Up! But Ron thought it said slumber.
      > Ron's vision is an Old Testament God with wrath and thunder
      > But Neocons are liars and their policies, blunders.
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