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10421Re: Ad infinitum: Liberalism = Mental Disorder

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  • holderlin66
    Mar 22, 2004

      " For today there is no doubt about it: an unheard of mixture of
      brutality and cynicism, of lack of education and culture, of
      contempt for the outside world, of plutocracy and populism, all
      reinforced by the shock of September 11, has made George W. Bush one
      of the most reactionary and least enlightened presidents in the
      history of the United States, certainly the most baneful that they
      have offered the world since the Second World War.

      " I am not only speaking here of Iraq, where Saddam Hussein's
      capture created a few days' illusion. On the economic and social
      front, the present administration is an almost perfect illustration
      of the too often crude and mechanistic Marxist thesis that bourgeois
      governments are the pure and simple board of directors for
      capitalism. The way the president offered a few big firms that
      financed his election Iraq reconstruction like a cake to be divided
      up says more than any ideological diatribe. And Vice President Dick
      Cheney, former Chairman of Halliburton, illustrates to the point of
      caricature the incestuous relationships between political power and
      big capital on the American scene. As one editorialist said, mocking
      the electoral promise to leave no child behind, Bush, in the course
      of his term, has left no billionaire by the side of the road. In the
      area of ecology, which directly concerns us and where the necessity
      of international cooperation is becoming a life or death question
      for the planet, the United States' refusal to ratify the Kyoto
      agreement is a disaster. "

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