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  • joksu57
    Mar 1, 2004
      Hello Bradford & all!

      There has been quite a debate in the AT-forum with the "AP-critics".
      Lately it has been hard to find the time even to read through all the
      posts. I have really been quite pre-occupied; so it is not possible
      for me to take part to those "heated discussions".

      I also have my doubts about the outcome of those debates, when the
      paradigms are so different. E.g. a human being in "anthro-paradigm"
      means something totally different compared to "scientific-
      materialistic" paradigm. When even the basic concepts used in a
      discussion can mean different things, it is hard to come to some
      reasonable conclusion. My respect, though, to everyone, who have the
      patience to explain the basics of spiritual science to critics (who
      obviously have some other agenda than understanding AP or Waldorf

      The accusations (about racism) against Dr. Steiner seem so stupid;
      they are (at their best) made by people who are more concerned about
      what is conventionally right, socially proper to say in our time,
      etc. etc. They are not concerned about thruth.

      Certain words from the Revelations come to my mind, when I think
      about the opponents of Dr. Steiner and Spiritual Science: "15 I know
      thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold
      or hot. 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor
      hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."

      Seekers can come to spiritual movements with three "ways":
      through "bad karma" (something to compensate), through "good karma"
      (having done some "favours") and through dharma (a definite spiritual
      mission, something quite rare). Stern opponents are not lukewarm, and
      they get connected to spiritual movements through karma requiring
      some compensation in future incarnations (it is dubious to call
      this "bad karma"). The possible setback with this kind of "enter" is
      connected to future "power struggles". Strong intellectual abilities
      and ambition along with lack of spiritual vision can make a lousy
      leader…Well, something more to compensate later…

      Hey, I'm stopping now my participation to this subject or am I just
      explaining why I am not participating it at all … or what ever…

      Bradford wrote:
      "Share, ask.. details.. I've down some of my homework and I know for
      a fact that Starbirgarden never failed to stir my heart from her
      different and solid vision of things. Joksu, Kevin, Maurice and
      dear, dear Cheese and Salsa, Danny, Harvey...all I know is that we
      are still here, however pre-occupied.

      I am certain that our love still shines.

      Let me explain to all parties, way back when I brought answers to
      the wonderfual translation letter of Joksu. I wrote it three times,
      three and each time I sent it off some electronic crisis occured. My
      laptop finally crashed and some of the richer morsels just, just
      disappeared as efforts to build the invisible bradford."
      (end of quote)

      Bradford, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with the laptop
      and "translations problems". I am slow enough with English (=writing)
      and when german is included that really doesn't speed me up. But I am
      sure you got the "basic message" from the letter of Mr. Ervast.

      Many thanks to all the writers in this and AT-forum. There have been
      many interesting threads. I'll be around and sometimes I might even
      try to write something (hey, is this some kind of a "not-promising-

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