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10368Invitation to study "Basic Issues"

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  • michael_j.sieber@t-online.de
    Feb 28, 2004
      Dear All,

      If you are interested in actively and constructively studying Rudolf
      Steiner's "Basic Issues of the Social Question" you are invited to join


      We will start on March 1st with the translator's introduction:
      We are asking new subscribers to send an introductory
      post giving their reasons for participating and their hopes and
      expectations for the group.

      SteinerStudy was founded in October 2000 and is still moderated by
      JoAnn Schwartz and myself. Then SteinerStudy was the first - and as far
      as I know still is the only - internet based group to study in a
      focused way a specific work of Steiner. We started with the "Philosophy
      of Freedom" and have indeed now finished it, 31/2 years and some 4300 e-
      mails later. Now we feel it is worthwhile to move from the foundations
      of individual morality to the principles governing social live around
      the globe, as described in "Basic Issues". While studying this we will
      continuously try to find out the current implications of these thoughts
      coined by Steiner in 1919 and see how they disseminated into e.g. the
      recent works of Nicanor Perlas and Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon.

      Michael Sieber

      We try to work together in a rather liberal, very loosely moderated
      way, but also welcome new methodological ideas, which we mostly discuss
      and seldom follow.

      The language we try to converse in is English - even if not everybody
      in the group belongs to the selected few which have learned English
      from their mother...