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10097Frozen light? Or not?

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  • Jan
    Jan 3, 2004
      Steiner - "If only those could be found who will commit themselves to
      looking at things as they truly are, the dark times just ahead would be
      followed by more righteous and brighter times. The seeds still need a
      chance to ripen! We are planting these true, viable seeds whenever we take
      up thoughts of reality into our souls, and we may say with conviction that
      these are the very thoughts on which we are in harmony with the dead."
      Rudolf Steiner GA 174 p247

      In the many paradigms of reductionist science, we may read, if we are
      capable of it, the mind of Ahriman. The binding 'brain' of Ahriman is the
      darkest, coldest, densest location possible, a frozen torture chamber. To
      bring it 'richly fathom'd' to enlightened awareness is to go caving in a
      black hole. If we do so, we may raise a harvest of light worth having.
      Steiner endorsed Goethe's contention that there is no secret on earth that
      is not somewhere revealed. This applies also to the Ahrimanic deception
      and those on Watch Tower duty seek out where and what reveals that which has
      been darkly occulted, secreted gland-wise into the blood stream of humanity
      parodying the trillionth part spiritualized potencies that work in the human
      body with massive chemical overdose; stolen, synthesized and now drugging
      and polluting with lies, making immoral the etheric societal life we all
      must share.
      Ahriman; imitator not creator, working in the sub ethers can never do more
      than parody, but he is adept at 'spin' at 'selling' (and there IS real cost
      - with him nothing is free!) the idea that he and his world conception is
      all we have. All there is.
      In studying the phenomena of science, with all its startling and far
      reaching new potentials for good and ill, what interests me more
      particularly are the IDEAS living or entombed as the case may be, in these
      symptomatic 'discoveries' and their physical markers in the world around us.
      As history is eventually taken as 'fact' so do Ahrimanically inspired
      scientific constructs, even if false, take form first in the minds of human
      beings and then in physical 'copies' such as the idea of light consisting of
      beams which themselves consist of innumerable similar beams takes on a kind
      of incarnation in fiber optics. Sometimes the phenomena itself is true, but
      miscalled, and all the more imprisoning and deluding for its imposture.
      One of my favourite books is 'Man or Matter' by Ernst Lehrs. In the
      chapter 'Optics of the Doer' - well worth study and really needing a much
      longer quote - in speaking of the so called 'light ray' he shows that

      "In present day optics this concept signifies a geometrical line of
      infinitely small width drawn, as it were, by the light in space, while the
      cone or cylinder of light actually filling the space is described as being
      composed of innumerable such rays. In the same way the object producing or
      reflecting light is thought of as composed of innumerable single points from
      which the light rays emerge. All descriptions of optical processes are
      based upon this conception.
      Obviously we cannot be satisfied with such a reduction of wholes into
      single geometrically describable parts, followed by a reassembling of these
      parts into a whole. For in reality we have to do with realms of space
      uniformly filled with light, whether conical or cylindrical in form, which
      arise through certain boundaries being set to the light. In optical
      research we have therefore always to do with pictures, spatially bounded.
      Thus what comes before our consciousness is determined equally by the light
      calling forth the picture, and by the unlit space bordering it." end quote
      from Man or Matter by Ernst Lehrs

      We really cannot underestimate the effect that optical illusions, or
      illusory optics in this case, and materialized concepts in very many others
      has on human consciousness, really forming a prison house of densified
      thought forms, which shrink and deform the human being. Because the
      scientific theories seem to backed up everywhere by practical application,
      and we cannot easily follow scientific expertise necessarily expressed in
      jargon, it is easy to 'believe' in them, to take them for granted, which is
      exactly what Ahriman relies upon. The prison bars are of our own forging,
      and he hardly needs to work at all while we so fetter ourselves and others.
      But the outer manifestations hide the true state of affairs, the confusing
      of exactly which force or substance is actually under consideration, and
      even more importantly perhaps,the Beings concealed in the appliances and sub
      ethers themselves.
      How many are aware of the Ahrimanic being incarnated in television or
      computer, perhaps even more dangerous when switched off, as when it is on,
      there is interaction between human and machine and therefore some
      resistance. To actively engage in what is presented offsets the deadening
      effect of all electrical magnetic processes. All depends upon fathoming what
      is really going on, and acting accordingly.

      Lehrs - 'Notwithstanding its gravitational character, electricity is an
      offspring of levity....Equally clearly, we found magnetism to be an
      offspring of gravity, notwithstanding its levitational character. Both,
      therefore, represent once more a levity-gravity polarity....the emergence of
      the electric state, whether it be caused by friction or galvanically,
      depends on matter entering into a condition in which its cohesion is
      loosened - or as we also put it, being turned into 'dust' - and this in such
      a way that the escaping levity remains dust-bound.
      This picture of electricity now enables us to give a realistic
      interpretation to certain phenomena which, in the interpretation which the
      physicist of the past was bound to give them, have contributed much to the
      tightening of the net of scientific illusion.
      Some sixty years after Dalton had established, purely hypothetically,
      the theory of the atomistic structure of matter, scientific research was led
      to the observation of actual atomistic phenomena in electricity. Sir J.J.
      Thompson found electricity appearing in gas discharge tubes in the form of
      discrete particles, with properties hitherto known only as appertaining to
      mass. What could be more natural than to assume that the method of thought
      developed during the past era of science was on the right course, and
      therefore to suppose that what had been discovered was the atom of
      electricity which was a constituent of all matter?
      The same phenomena appear in quite a different light when we view them
      against the background of the picture of electricity to which our
      observations have led. Knowing that the appearance of electricity depends
      on a process of atomisation of some sort, we shall expect that where
      electricity becomes freely observable, it will yield phenomena of an
      atomistic kind. The observation of electricity in a vacuum, therefore,
      yield no confirmation whatsoever of the atomistic view of matter.
      The insight we have gained into the nature of electricity and magnetism
      has led us to the realization that with every act of setting
      electromagnetic energies in motion we interfere with the entire
      levity-gravity balance of our planet by turning part of the earth's coherent
      substance into 'cosmic dust'. Thus we may say that whenever we generate
      electricity we speed up the earth's process of cosmic ageing. Obviously
      this is tremendously enhanced by the creation of artificial radioactivity
      along the lines recently discovered, whereby it has now become possible to
      transmute chemical elements into one another, or even to cancel altogether
      their gravity-bound existence.
      To see things in this light is to realize that with our having become
      able to rouse electricity and magnetism from their dormant state and make
      them work for us, a gigantic responsibility has devolved upon mankind. It
      was man's fate to remain unaware of this fact during the first phase of the
      electrification of his civilization; to continue now in this state of
      unawareness would spell peril for the human race." end quote from Ernst
      Lehrs Man or Matter

      While not proposing to keep the poor old earth going forever, on some
      cosmic life support machine; while recognizing that it must pass into
      pralaya and be transformed, still there are ways and means and the timing
      should not be decided by Ahriman. It is for us to accompany all processes
      and events with consciousness and spiritual concepts, thus 'harvesting
      light'. This needs a nimble and alert wakefulness, an ability to move with
      the rhythms of Christ the True Time Lord. Lucifer and Ahriman may fight;
      Christ simply moves on at His own pace. Only when an individual finds
      his/her own totally unique rhythm, measure and speed, will he/she find
      themselves in step with Christ.
      Science, when funded by and applied within the armaments industry or
      pharmaceutical or other multi-national companies, is obviously secretive and
      the name given to covert inventions and procedures 'black ops' gives a clue
      as to its links with the blackest of black magic. The parameters of such
      magically powered scientific research and application are blurred, and quite
      unknown or unnoticed by the general public, although an increasing unease
      and distrust of 'experts' and governments is an expression of an unconscious
      recognition of their specious nature.
      Black magic, in ritual and other forms is integral to the whole
      phenomena of Ahrimanised science at work in the world. Such science is
      everywhere predicated upon torture. Plants are genetically manipulated from
      free abundance to the 'terminator gene' and patented. Metals, pausing in
      their cosmic symphonic dance of math only momentarily, condensing into
      physical form as sacrifice to earth evolution are 'bombarded' as for example
      lustrous, starry Titanium, bringing from sun and meteroric gifts of
      lightness and strength, its power to enhance asterism in gems, becomes
      highly radioactive when bombarded with deuterons.

      Lehrs -No sooner was it discovered that the element Radium disintegrates
      spontaneously into the elements Helium and Lead, than the question arose
      whether the customary derision of medieval alchemy was really justified. The
      question was heard again when it became possible by means of electrical
      bombardment to transform one chemical element into another, and even to
      create elements not found in nature. Sometimes these techniques are spoken
      of as 'modern alchemy'.
      Although this way of regarding modern nuclear research as akin to what
      the alchemists strove for (and achieved) represents a typical confusion of
      nature's nether and upper borders, still the 'magic' of which the true
      alchemist tried to become worthy, and the 'magic' which modern atomic
      physicists sets going, issue ultimately from one and the same source: the
      chemical or sound ether, the first magic ether, as we have reason to call
      it. The only difference between the two methods is that by the first method
      this ether was brought into action in its original cosmic form, helping to
      produce life affirming substances - the great alchemists were always active
      physicians - while by the second method it is being made use of as a captive
      of gravity - that is, in the form of magnetism - resulting in the
      production of life-denying substances. What is set free through atomic
      fission as well as fusion is levity in the form of heat, light and chemical
      action which, as a result of having been age long captives of gravity, have
      become alienated from their cosmic origin." end quote

      Lehrs goes on to hope for development of morality in humanity which will
      enable it to work creatively and bring to balance such dangerous
      evolutionary developments.
      If radio activity began in reality with the Incarnation, if the earth is
      gently de-materializing, bringing earth journeyman fruits of holy labour to
      the Gods, then this is another attempt at snatch and grab by Ahriman, to
      truncate and accelerate at the same time what should dance freely in its own
      rhythm, in astral-etheric music played by angelic and human beings as well
      as gnomes and liberated, Christened and redeemed goblins and orcs, with the
      metals no longer rigidified into instruments of death and torture, but
      themselves a healing harmony of colour and sound.
      This is not to decry science, but to bring it's effects and
      consequences always to consciousness, that it may find its true place and
      not be taken further than it should be and precipitate a worst case
      scenario, setting evolution back for aeons, as Steiner warned was a real
      possibility and danger for many souls. What is slipped by us, spun,
      substituted by false terminology, by sleight of hand and eye, is loot for
      Ahriman, and will be incorporated into the eighth Sphere.
      The Manichean goes into the black hole, as the bee goes into the poisoned
      flower and brings back only sweet, healing honey. The bee, however has the
      advantage of its own purity. The danger for human beings is that we all
      partake to an extent of the Ahrimanic Initiation, are all, even if
      unconsciously, even if by default, are onlookers, passive participants in
      the outer circles of the Occult School of Ahriman.
      Strict adherence to truth must be our protection. Rudolf Steiner, as
      ever, sets an example.
      One is reminded of the wonderful, gigantic insights gathered in time of
      great trial and expressed by Steiner at the Goetheanum fire, beholding the
      melting of the metals. Good may, nay, must ALWAYS be drawn out of evil.
      The torturing of animals goes on, despite protests, in more and more
      sinister ways. Blair, having taken one million pounds from a misguided
      'Animal Movement' which swallowed whole his 'green' pre-election promises,
      is funding the most horrendous new facility for experimentation on primates,
      involving face and brain transplants and much else, of which more another
      Such scientific training belongs to an Initiation into the Occult
      School of Ahriman, with its enhanced lack of empathy for the suffering of
      other beings, and the magical effects which can be so reaped. Every being
      and substance is subjected to torture.
      There are all around us 'symptoms' a-plenty. Ahriman, supreme
      undercover agent, cannot hide if we will to be Goethean scientists, going
      ever gently, awake, into the open secrets of the world always on the Watch.
      A very small instance - ( Last evening I heard an interview with John Le
      Carre, author and ex (?) secret agent, in which when asked why he chose a
      double barreled name said that a three part name would 'go in visually' to
      people's consciousness and therefore sell more books, which was why he
      deliberately chose it. An aside merely, but an interesting insight into the
      use of subliminals and words as image. We may think we merely read the
      words, but may also, and unconsciously, take in an arrangement, a symbol)
      The 'Heavy Ion Storage Cooler Ring' is a telling symptom. Also the
      Accelerator Rings in Switzerland. Interesting location! there are many
      But what interests me at present, (and I would be interested to hear
      comments from those better versed in science than myself - which means
      practically anybody - correction and comment, please) - is the 'freezing of
      light'. If colours are the 'deeds and sufferings' of the light, this is
      surely an idea of torturing light. A highly Ahrimanic concept.
      These experiments have been underway for several years, but have recently
      been more prominent, and may have application in undreamed of speeds and
      advances in computing technology.


      Quote from above site - "As of yet, no scientist has disproven Einstein's
      theory that a signal light cannot travel faster than 186,282 miles per
      second, but Einstein never said it couldn't go slower. In a vacuum, nothing
      travels faster than light; however, all ordinary transparent media or
      materials slow down light. Water slows light to about 75% of its speed in a
      vacuum. A non-transparent object, like a brick wall, can stop a beam of
      light, but it destroys the information that can be coded in the light beam
      in the process.

      In 1999, Dr. Hau slowed a light pulse down 20 million-fold to a leisurely 38
      miles per hour. She and her team first created a small cigar-shaped cloud of
      sodium atoms trapped in a magnetic field and cooled to temperatures colder
      than those found in space. They illuminated the cloud with a carefully tuned
      laser beam that altered the optical properties of the cold atom cloud
      dramatically (see Figure 1). The team subsequently sent another light pulse
      into the cloud and then slowed this pulse, while at the same time
      compressing it spatially from a length of one mile in free space to only
      0.002 in. within the cloud.

      The key, Dr. Hau noted, was to chill the atoms to a temperature within a
      millionth to a billionth of a degree of -459.7°F, referred to as absolute
      zero. Absolute zero is the temperature where atoms have the lowest amount of
      energy and any activity nearly ceases. The sodium atoms were cooled by a
      combination of laser beams, magnetic fields, and radio waves.

      In 2000, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) began
      sponsoring Dr. Hau's research. Later that year, Dr. Hau used a similar
      technique to completely stop the pulses. A laser beam converted the frozen
      pulse back into a moving light pulse, but significantly, with all of its
      original properties. This allowed researchers to control a light pulse by
      capturing and storing it, thus enabling them to release it at will. Dr. Hau
      and her colleagues "... believe that this system could be used for quantum
      information transfer, ... and with use of controlled atom-atom interactions,
      quantum information processing may be possible during the storage time."1

      Under AFOSR sponsorship, Dr. Hau and her group are currently continuing
      their research into optical information storage in an atomic medium using
      halted light pulses. One possible Air Force application for this
      breakthrough could be a new generation of computers called quantum
      computers. Quantum superpositions of ones and zeros, called qubits, would
      replace the usual definite ones and zeros used in binary coding. If
      manufactured, these computers could solve problems completely inaccessible
      to today's computers. An intriguing aspect of this research to quantum
      computer designers is that when light is stopped, all of its original
      characteristics are transferred to the cloud's atoms. When the light is
      unfrozen, the information is then transferred back to the light from the
      atoms. This link, photon-to-atom, could become the quantum circuits of
      tomorrow's computers." end quote.

      Is the 'information' thus retrieved to be trusted? Is it corrupted? Whose
      interests does it serve? The Spirits weave form in the light. Think on.
      Where light impacts gravity it decays, becoming electricity. What kind of
      orc like, sub-etheric deals are done in such experimentation?
      Sodium - Latin Sodanum - headache remedy - "Sodium is a soft, bright,
      silvery metal which floats on water, decomposing it with the evolution of
      hydrogen and the formation of the hydroxide. It may or may not ignite
      spontaneously on water, depending on the amount of oxide and metal exposed
      to the water."
      The cosmic thought of sodium, the 'atoms' of sodium are frozen and
      subjected to magnetism. More torture! The 'light' concerned is already
      Lehrs, of course sees the 'velocity' of light differently, but this post is
      already too long.
      it remains for the anthroposophist to bring a balancing, compensating deed
      to each of the fallen ethers. One way to do this, and Spiritual Science
      offers many more, are the exercises given by Steiner for the developing of
      Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition.
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