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10095Re: [anthroposophy] Iranian Earthquake thoughts/Stealing Beauty

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  • golden3000997@cs.com
    Jan 1, 2004
      Dear Bradford,

      I know exactly how you are feeling and it is why I would never knowingly view
      that video. The same thing happened to me when I watched "The White Rose". At
      the end of the movie, it shows Sophie facing the guillotine. Shortly
      afterward, it shows the actual photographs of the martyrs and when they died. I said
      before that it was at least 45 minutes before I could leave the theater and at
      least 5 people patted me on the shoulder on their way out, I was such a mess.

      We need to remember, too that Steiner talked about the ancient Aztec
      mysteries where a human being was sacrified and his beating heart held up in front of
      the masses. I also think of the not so distance pratice of public hangings,
      the public guillotine executions during the French Revolution and the rise of
      prurient interest in making state executions available for viewing to the
      public. All of these things have a devastatingly corrupt effect on the souls of the
      viewers. There are two issues - the direct karmic effects of the murder and
      the poisonous effect of allowing such a thing to be witnessed. The daily news is
      really, a carrier of this poison. Even "in the movies" - as I have already
      alluded to in a previous post - there is a terribly corrupting effect of the
      countless murders watched and the effect of more and more gruesome
      representations that it takes to keep the audiences titillated. I liked the first couple of
      Indiana Jones movies, but I remember that when I rented, I think it was "the
      temple of doom" - I had to turn it off. There was a scene in a supposedly
      Egyptian temple where the priest reached into the chest of a living victim just
      with his hand and pulled out his beating heart. Do you realize how many CHILDREN
      have watched this movie? And no one thinks anything is wrong with it!!!

      I think that it is important to know about these things and probably to read
      about them, but I don't think that anyone striving to even keep on being a
      sensitive person, much less a "clairvoyant" sort of person, should actually watch
      these things. Watching them allows the full effect to take place, no matter
      what the subsequent thoughts are. It's like why children should not watch fairy
      tales in movies, but only hear them. That way, their souls have the
      opportunity to filter out anything that they are not developmentally ready for and
      prevent it from doing harm. I think the only kind of person who can really watch
      these kinds of atrocities are exorcists. Only people esoterically trained to
      wield the tools of psychic combat can have any chance. And even so, I have heard
      that such people are usually torn down in time. Their work is a sacrifice
      that few people have any idea of.

      I had a bad experience about six months ago. I was surfing the net looking
      for pictures of kitty cats. I take very serendipitous routes. I found a sight
      with some nice stuff and clicked on a link that said something like
      "exploitation." I just wasn't thinking. I must have thought it would be cartoons or
      something. There were the most GOD-AWFUL pictures of laboratory experiments! I just
      freaked out! I had to run to my next door neighbor, screaming and sobbing. I
      really had trouble getting my breath. It took a LONG time to recover at all.
      Well, I later e-mailed the folks at that site. They are totally well meaning,
      totally vegan really crusading for the animals. Their intention was only the
      good. But I told them that people who are already knowledgable and sensitive to
      these things must have a much clearer warning about what they are about to see.
      I also think it should be off limits to under 18. Talk about OBSCENE!! If I
      had kids, I would rather they see sex for hours at a time than a minute of
      those pictures!! Why do we prohibit a movie if there is but frontal nudity yet let
      basically all ages into movies filled with the true obscenity of violence?

      I couldn't even watch any news program that started to talk about the
      cannibal. I won't even say his name in print. There was something attached to that
      that made me totally unable to even hear about it. I'm not even going to wonder
      why, because I can't think about it. It certainly was no wonder, though that
      he was killed in prison. I'm sure that even the most hardened criminals had no
      defenses against that kind of evil.

      The only thing that I would want to say, though, even though I know so well
      how you feel right now, is please try not to think in terms of "them" meaning
      other countries or political factions. Please remember that "we" meaning the US
      and its allies do the same things, although not always in the same way. I
      mean, we do do the same things, but we tend to be a little more subtle in our

      As I said before, referencing "Wag the Dog", perhaps some movies are a kind
      of "confessional" telling people how things really are under the guise of
      fiction. You can get away with anything if you call it fiction. Kind of like a
      murderer who confesses to the police in such a way that they can't possibly
      believe his story. He gets exonerated and off scot free. It happens more than you
      might think. Eyes Wide Shut is a good example, but I think they made the "black
      magic" scenes much too light. Too cliched and simplistic. The people seemed a
      little bit silly. I think that such things are real, but more awful than even
      Kubrick would dare to portray. Do you remember the Wicked Queen in Snow White?
      She demanded Snow White's heart and liver to eat. Something really awful
      lives in that story! do you remember the true ending? She is made to dance in
      red-hot iron shoes until she drops dead. My children (the very end of
      Kindergarten) audibly sighed the first time I got to that ending. They NEEDED such a fate
      for that witch!!! They really NEEDED it!! Red-hot iron - is that a Michael
      force, or WHAT?!

      In fact, it is coming to me as I write this that I should suggest to you,
      Bradford, to go right now and get out any good fairy tale book and read them, any
      of them, until you fall asleep tonight. Don't anguish your soul with more
      thinking directly about the horrors. Drink the healing potion that the Fairy
      Tales contain. You will be better for it, I know. I can feel your pain and I am
      crying, too.

      I'll hit the send button now, hoping that you are still online and get this
      message tonight.

      God Bless You!!
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