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10092Rép. : Where is everybody?/ Consciousness Soul Struggles

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Dec 31, 2003
      We are not alone...:

      'Where Have All The Good People Gone?'
      Sam Roberts


      ----Message original -----
      De : Mark<vikingmusic@...>
      Thank you for your wonderful insights and writings, and thank you to
      the others who post here. I am one of the silent readers, wounded,
      and on a journey.

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Jan <starbirdgarden@b...> wrote:
      > Where is everybody?
      > Here we are! Without this ether-net many of us would not have
      met at all
      > in this life. We are thinly spread, but that is no cause for
      > Think potency! We are the homeopathic, bio dynamic dose!
      > Follows a poem by Manfred Kyber.
      > Sunrise
      > You child of man, there comes an hour
      > When all your lamps are dark,
      > Your bright fires hold no spark
      > And withered droops its head each scented flower.
      > When pleasing fancies flee your keeping,
      > There are no ties to bind,
      > No more tears can you find
      > To fill those eyes weary with over-weeping.
      > You child of man, there comes an hour
      > When all your lamps are dark,
      > No laughter leaves its mark,
      > No life entices, no star shines. No power
      > Left for the temple you would build
      > Deep in Eternity.
      > It sinks in infinity
      > Into the grave, its altar robbed, is stilled.
      > You child of man, there comes an hour
      > When all your lamps are dark.
      > This is the time. Go, beggar, seek,
      > In beggar's guise, in whole
      > Loneliness of soul,
      > Go trace your path to mountain's highest peak.
      > There fall upon your knees and fold
      > Your hands; holy this ground,
      > No name, no word resound.
      > Where no beginning and no end are told.
      > Around you, darkness, solitude.
      > You are alone, alone;
      > Alone you are, alone...
      > Then watch and wait, obedient, subdued.
      > You must watch and you must wait.
      > One day your angel brings,
      > With beat of mighty wings,
      > The key to the eternal Garden's gate.
      > The sun aflame with fire - its own -
      > One day, one day will shed
      > Light on the mountains' head.
      > He comes to you - you are no more alone.
      > The Sun has risen. You may see,
      > Flooded with light - Christ Jesus - this is HE.
      > Manfred Kyber (1918)
      > And one day, we also, face to face, around the great love-
      fired Hearth
      > of the World will sit at hearts-ease, having walked the plank of
      > egoic I-ron sword; plunged strangely deep to fathom what we may,
      taken the
      > shipwrecked flotsam'd horizon path of God's own current, freely
      willed and
      > lucent star steered, returning through pearl'd gates of tears that
      > spark rainbows when looked through sunwise. Bradford and Harvey
      will regale
      > us with saga and harvest tales of earths new hero-reaping, and
      > Danny will bring us words that are really music. Juan will offer us
      > Maurice risen, holy oil for altar-ing lamp, Christine the Gold of
      > Joksu Rings that have turned lemniscate and every single one, each
      > soul we have ever met in this risen sub etheric dredging, each one
      who has
      > read and pondered will stand and speak, or offer silence as balm
      for wounds
      > won journeying. Believe me, that time will come.
      > Love, Jan

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