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10043Earthquakes, Elementals and Everything

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  • kdann@valley.net
    Dec 27, 2003
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      Oh, Danny, Danny, Danny, Would that Goethean Science trumpeted triumphant o'er Goetian Spirits! Would that we could all join you in the streets of your fabled city on Wednesday night and march to the top of Mount Royal en masse, and en messe, proclaiming the redemption of the North American elementals, or at least the intention of redemption, and a truce to their binding and torturing! But alas, on this sunny Saturday the dots are connecting for me in a ghostly pattern that makes me quake in my very boots. Would that they were Seven League Boots and I could stride westward sounding a Paul Revere alarm bell. . .

      The sun is out strong enough here today to send the thick sheets of snow off the standing seam roof of the church and crashing onto the ground, sending muffled tremors inside. Monday morning, sitting with a dear elderly, feisty, atheist elder of our church, in her ca. 1790 stone house, I felt a tremor that I took at first to be an earthquake. But Denny kept right on talking, and was obviously unaware of anything. I sat up and looked at the walls and windows and all the little china knicknacks on the shelves and about twenty seconds later---another tremor. Nothing moved. Then five seconds later, a third shudder passed through my body. Nothing more. . . til that evening when I heard on the radio about the earthquake out in California. I've only had a few precognitive or telepathic episodes in my life, and this trio of tremors may have been completely unrelated to the quake that day, but one of these past episodes of communication across Time was of the death of a friend's twin brother in the Northridge quake. Along with the incalculable suffering of humanity and the gruesome groaning of Gaia herself, earthquakes seem to rip open Time too.

      Just before reading Bradford's last message, I stumbled on a young fellow named Aaron Donahue, who traffics in the magical world via contemporary remote viewing techniques, which more often than not seem to lead their practitioners down the road to black magic. Perhaps the most uncanny aspect of his site is his drawings of the 72 "Goetian Spirits." For all of the Ahriman watchers among us, I felt quite a shiver of dread when I read his impressions at this site:


      Donahue's impression of Belial is that he is dead, but that "another has taken the place of Belial. . . It is possible that a human like version of Belial now exists." Among the apocalyptic proclamations Donahue has been making in response to unfolding current events, is his citation of Nostradamus' Century 2, Quatrain 62, in which he warns that the death of Mabus will signal "a horrible undoing of people and animals." Aaron interprets "Mabus" as a classic astral alphabetic inversion of "Saddam" and suggests that with Saddam's capture, Bush stands before us as the Antichrist. Perhaps this is old news to this community of Michaelic watchers along the watchtower, but to see this drawing --and all 71 of the other demon drawings--leaves me breathless and really wondering what alternative plans I might make for New Year's Eve. . .

      What perhaps catches my breath and stops my heart even more at this moment is the announcement of the arrival of mad cow disease in America. Again, this is no surprise to this crew. But have we adequately connected the dots between the 1970s avalanche of cryptids and UFOs and the cattle and other animal mutilations and the subterranean demonism of Dulce and White Sands and those other black magical centers out west whose operations echo the old decadent mysteries of Atlantis and even Azteca and Adena? The folks at NIDS make a small beginning, but so so badly do they need the missing dots that you all might supply:

      Yes, Danny, "NOW is the TIME" Blessings to your mother on her visit

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