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Let's trade women's wrestling CDs!!!

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  • Malia West
    Over the years I collected a lot of women s wrestling material ( a lot of different styles). I managed this mainly by trading my existing stuff. ( I have 29
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2005
      Over the years I collected a lot of women's wrestling material ( a
      lot of different styles).
      I managed this mainly by trading my existing stuff. ( I have 29 CDs
      worth of stuff but in this there
      are 2 ( two ) DVDs, and some 6 ( six) VCDs. - great quality.
      I'm willing to trade some more. Trade would be on a CD for CD
      (you send me one CD for that I send you one CD.)
      of course we can do this by the 3s too.

      This is what I can offer:( All I have is Girl/girl no mixed stuff)

      CD1- CDROM DWW ( Danube women wrestling) Hungarian tournament,
      partly nude all real wrestling.Very hardly fought
      CD2- CDROM DWW, Lots of mpegs all real hardly fought stuff.( good
      quality mpegs)full matches
      CD3- CDROM DWW, Lots of mpegs all real hardly fought stuff, some in
      mud also some boxing.( good quality mpegs)full matches.
      CD4- CDROM LPWA, LPWA mpegs also all the wrestling scenes from " All
      the Marbles- the california Dolls"
      CD5- CDROM Brandenburg collection, Mpegs ( good quality) hard fought
      full matches.
      CD6- VCD Kontex womens wrestling ( VCD quality)
      CD7- VCD Some Kind Of german wrestling ( don't know what company
      this is from but some good action)
      CD8- VCD Matrock oil wrestling ( part one of a tournament thing)
      CD9- VCD Matrock oil wrestling ( part 2) - All VCDs are of a quality
      you'd expect from VCD ( not quite DVD quality but close)
      CD10- VCD DWW, power and beauty, some tremendous wrestling
      tournament from the best wrestlerettes around.
      CD11- CDROM, Misc pro stuff, Saint Louise pros, some japan some WWF.
      Cool stuff.also a thundergirls match.
      CD12- DVD, DWW, some matches featuring Hanna of DWW. Superb.
      CD13- DVD, DWW, Russian novices tournament shot in Moscow. DVD
      CD14- CDROM Japanese vol 1, quality acceptable, you wouldn't believe
      what these women can do....
      CD15- CDROM Japanese vol 2,
      CD16- CDROM Japanese Vol 3,
      CD17- CDROM Freestyle girl wrestling ( sunkist & japanese) vol1,
      CD18- CDROM Freestyle girl wrestling vol2 french,german stuff on
      CD19- CDROM Freestyle girl wrestling vol3
      CD20- CDROM Freestyle girl wrestling vol4
      CD21- CDROM Bits and Pieces ( stuff i downloaded from the web over
      the years, different file formats and lenghts) vol1
      CD22- CDROM Bits and Pieces vol 2,WOW, GLOW,WWC on these...
      CD23- CDROM Bits and Pieces vol 3,
      CD24- CDROM WEW ( a few full shows from TV + some cutscenes from PPV)
      CD25- CDROM Academy wrestling ( lots of smaller files - about 10-12
      Megs, some quite weak quality)
      CD26- CDROM wrestling queen ( Vivian Vachon documentary) - quality
      rather bad..
      CD27- CDROM DWW ( full matches lots of great stuff.) good quality...
      CD28- CDROM PGWA vol 1 ( full matches fro the PGWA-Ladysports)
      excellent quality.
      CD29- CDROM PGWA vol2 ( some WWF womens matches too) great quality.

      I'm only interested In CDs.( CDROM, VCD, DVD) NO TAPES. With one
      single exception: Pindown girls. I'll give you
      2 CDs for a pindown Girls tape. I'm not interested in any other
      My main area of interest is: pindown girls, Pro Girl-Girl wrestling
      ( WOW, LPWA, WEW, NWWL).
      I'm also giving two CDs for every NWWL CD you possibly have..
      all the rest goes on a CD for CD basis.
      I'm Also interested in GLOW,and any other womens wrestling stuff as
      long as it's girl/girl ( NO MIXED).
      give me a small description of it so I know it's not some lousy tug-
      and-giggle stuff.
      DWW is also OK as long as i don't already have it..
      ALL RIGHT, if you're interested drop me an email to
      tkolcsar@... or tkolcsar@... with the subject WWCD.Or
      write to
      both addresses to be sure.
      we'll chalk up the details afterwards.

      PS: I won't be able to trade the two DWW DVDs for a while as I'm
      unable to copy them...


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