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anoles at home

thought you might like to see some of the reptiles that have been in our yard... need to get some pictures of the geckos too.
Oct 29
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Well.... HI!!!

Ok, again, it has been a while. So I thought, the group is about Anoles, but what if I open it up to other lizard types??? Like geckos, chameleons, and
Oct 29

hello all...

sorry, it has been a while. I have been busy, taking care of my mother, she has alzheimer's. also taking care of her house, trying to keep up on all the
Apr 21

anole fight

I got some pictures earlier of two male anoles, fighting!
May 9, 2016

Re: unusual weather we're having

Cleveland is still cool – no lizards live in my area. Lots of mammal and bird movements though… !!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! O_O !! !!!!!!! /@ @\ !!!!!! \
Jerry & Linda Gleisser
Mar 30, 2016

unusual weather we're having

not a very cold winter this year. I have come across a couple of snakes that were hibernating in my yard. Now that it is starting to warm up, I have seen
Mar 26, 2016

Re: so many babies!!!

Yes, this summer has been unusually prolific in creating batches of baby anoles around my house. There are so many that they are almost becoming pests (but of
William Bell
Aug 30, 2015

so many babies!!!

I have been seeing so many baby anoles around our yard. I'm so glad to see them back!! Kay
Aug 30, 2015

what a week!

It has been soooooo hot here, a lot of my plants are starting to die from the heat. While I was out working in the garden the other day, I was bent down
Aug 16, 2015

been offline and busy

sorry I haven't been online.... been busy with the garden and the dogs. Had to post that we have baby anoles!!!! Found a nest?? of them in my
Jul 31, 2015

Re: finally!!!!

Maybe the garters will eat them - but that's nature... Garter snakes are awful cute too! I'd say, just appreciate the nature in all it's forms, you get to
Lisa McCune-Noll
Jun 14, 2015


We have Anoles!!!! Was concerned that the past winter killed them all, but they are finally showing up again!! Only concern I have is that I have found two
Jun 14, 2015

Re: good evening

The cold winter reduced the number of invasive brown (Anolis sagrei) anoles here on the Gulf Coast and allowed the native green (Anolis Carolinensis) anoles to
William Bell
Aug 16, 2014

good evening

well, lousy winter.... dry spring, hot summer. Drought, and I have only seen two anoles in the yard. several geckos, and....wow something new!!!! I have
Aug 16, 2014

Re: brrrr

Yes, on a relative scale, it has been a brutal winter for the anoles in the South. I believe it may kill off the weaker ones leaving a more vigorous community
William Bell
Mar 13, 2014
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