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ISO Uptown Branch Newsletter 11/30-12/6

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    ISO Uptown Branch Newsletter 11/30-12/6 Stay informed of the International Socialist Organization s upcoming events with this weekly newsletter. Visit our
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      ISO Uptown Branch Newsletter 11/30-12/6

      Stay informed of the International Socialist Organization's upcoming events with this weekly newsletterVisit our website at http://nycsocialist.org for the latest updates. Or write us at ISO.Uptown.Branch@...  for more information.

      • • •
      Sports and Sexuality
      7pm Tuesday, December 1
      172 Allen St.
      New York, NY 10002

      Join sports fan and writer Dave Zirin for a presentation and discussion of the struggle of women and LGBT people to gain equal access in the wide world of sports. Zirin recounts the versatility of Babe Didrikson, the gender testing of runner Caster Semenya, the emergence of the Gay Games, and the record setting of indycar driver Danica Patrick. A rollicking Zirin is unique in his ability to find importance and hilarity in sports. Zirin is the author of "A People's History of Sports in the United States," "Welcome to the Terrordome," and "What's My Name Fool."

      $5 Suggested Donation


      • • •
      No New Troops to Afghanistan!
      Stop the Escalation!
      Troops Out Now!
      6pm Wednesday, December 2
      Times Square Recruiting Station
      42nd Street and Broadway
      Manhattan, NY

      Tuesday, December 1 at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, President Obama will announce plans to send somewhere between 25,000 and 35,000 additional troops to continue the war against the people of Afghanistan. Throughout the Country people will be gathering to protest this escalation. The call for national protests has been supported by ALL national anti-war coalitions. Join us Tuesday at the Times Square Recruiting Station in NYC!


      • • •
      Breaking the Sound Barrier
      by Amy Goodman
      7pm Wednesday, December 2
      Barnes and Noble, Tribeca
      97 Warren Street, New York, NY

      Cover Image: Breaking the Sound Barrier

      Join Amy Goodman, the Award-winning Host of Democracy Now! and New York Times Best-selling Author, returning from her recent adventure with Canadian border police (see first link below). Amy Goodman breaks through the corporate media's lies, sound-bites, and silence in this wide-ranging new collection of articles. In place of the usual suspects, the "experts" who, in Goodman's words, "know so little about so much, explain the world to us, and get it so wrong," this accessible, lively collection allows the voices the corporate media exclude and ignore to be heard loud and clear. 

      From community organizers in New Orleans, to the courageous American soldiers who've said "No" to Washington's wars, to the victims of torture and police violence, we are given the extraordinary opportunity to hear ordinary people standing up and speaking out. As Willie Nelson says, "There is no one who should be more on the mainstream media, every day reminding us and giving us a glimpse of the power of one."


      • • •
      Recent articles from SocialistWorker.org

      President Barack Obama

      Why I'm leaving the Democrats
      DONNA TARA LEE, a transgender activist living in Florida, retired postal worker, and an organizer for October's National Equality March in Washington, D.C., describes her response to the first year of the Obama administration.

      A house destroyed by a U.S. drone attack inside Pakistan

      Blackwater's secret war in Pakistan

      JEREMY SCAHILL, author of Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army

      http://socialistworker.org/ 2009/11/30/blackwaters-secret- war

      Members of the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan (Petty Officer 1st Class David M. Votroubek)

      Where will they get the troops?

      DAHR JAMAIL, author of The Will to Resist: Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, and SARAH LAZARE, project coordinator for Courage to Resist

      http://socialistworker.org/ 2009/11/18/where-will-they- get-troops




      http://socialistworker.org/ donate



      Buy at regular prices and Socialist Worker gets a cut. Thanks!

      • • •

      The latest issue of the International Socialist Review

      Featured articles:

      The business of health care reform


      Read now online: http://www.isreview. org/issues/68/editorial.shtml

      Too many people? Population, hunger, and the environment

      CHRIS WILLIAMS, author and activist

      Subscribe now at: https://secure.cnchost. com/isreview.org/subscribe. shtml

      The new LGBT movement

      CLEVE JONES, LGBT, union, and AIDS activist

      Subscribe now at: https://secure.cnchost. com/isreview.org/subscribe. shtml

      Now available at Barnes & Noble, other booksellers, ISO public meetings, and via subscription:

      https://secure.cnchost.com/ isreview.org/subscribe.shtml



      • • •

      Got kids?
      Get IndyKids!

      Activists around the globe held rallies on October 24 to call on world leaders to take bold moves to reduce global warming. The day of action was called by an organization called 350.org. Scientists say 350 parts per million (ppm) is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide.

      IndyKids is a free newspaper and teaching tool that aims to inform children on current news and world events from a progressive perspective and to inspire a passion for social justice and learning. It is geared toward kids in grades 4 to 8 and high school English Language Learners. IndyKids is produced five times during the school year.

      IndyKids believes that it is the people, through grassroots organizations and movement-building, who make social change. We believe that kids understand what is happening around them and the truth does not have to be sanitized. IndyKids aims to engage young kids to understand that they can form their own opinions and become part of the larger movement for justice and peace.

      • • •


      Between movements for LGBT rights, single-payer healthcare for all, immigrant rights, stopping the budget cuts, labor struggles, abortion clinic defenses, and more—there's plenty you can do to help make the world a better place. Come out to any of our events, join the conversation, and get involved. 

      "Philosophers have only interpreted the world—the point is to change it." –Karl Marx

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