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This is the ISO's Weekly Newsletter for the week of October 5th.

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    This is the ISO s Weekly Newsletter for the week of October 5th. We would like to thank all those who came with us to the single player rally and to see Sherry
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      This is the ISO's Weekly Newsletter for the week of October 5th.

      We would like to thank all those who came with us to the single player rally and to see Sherry Wolf's book tour this past week. We would also like to thank all those that have come out with us for abortion clinic defense on Saturdays at Dr. Emily's. We will be there again this coming Saturday. Read below for more information about clinic defense hours.

      This coming week will go down in history and we would like you to come with us to be part of that experience! The October 11th LGBT March on Washington is this week(!!!). Get on the bus leaving from Columbia/Uptown. Make your reservation now, seats are filling up fast. For more info read more below.

      We would also like to invite you to the Northeast Socialist Conference. The conference just got bigger and we have added a special event on Friday night with Featuring Malalai Joya, a female Member of the Afghan Parliament
      . You won't want to miss this year's Northeast Socialist Conference. Fin more information below about schedules and reservations.

      In this newsletter you will find information about these upcoming events
      and more:

      Abortion Clinic Defense at Dr. Emily's
          2. The National Equality March on Washington
          3. The Northeast Socialist Conference

      Read below for more information.
      See you in the streets!
      -ISO uptown




      Dr. Emily's clinic in the South Bronx has been the target of anti-abortion protesters. These protesters offer free sonograms(administered by unqualified people outside the medical field) and anti-abortion pamphlets and display plastic fetuses in order to try to convince women seeking abortions to change their minds.

      Worse,the protesters plan to begin a 40-day vigil in late September, see www.40daysforlife.com. Since June the NYCACD, in collaboration with the staff of the clinic, has launched a weekly clinic defense, effectively preventing these anti-choice protesters from intimidating and harassing people seeking services there. "40 days for life" is organizing for massive 40-day "prayer and fasting" vigil outside the clinic September 23. Two years ago, with a similar campaign, they thronged the sidewalk and were able to physically block staff and clients from entering the clinic.

      This year, our goal is to OUT-NUMBER THEM; to provide safe escort for staff and patients into the clinic,and to let the anti-choice bigots know THEY CANNOT GET AWAY WITH THIS.If they had their way, not only would abortion be illegal, so would homosexuality and non-procreative sex. We would like to invite pro-choice and pro-abortion organizations to join our cause. Whether you are coming as an individual or as part of an organization, please RSVP. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them with your RSVP. Or, if you email us your phone number, we will call to talk more about what we have planned, get your input and ideas, and answer anyquestions.

      Every Saturday
      September 26th-October 31st
      8am to Noon

      Dr. Emily's Women's Health Center
      560 Southern Blvd
      Bronx, New York

      Take the 6 train to 149th Street
      To RSVP: nycacd@...




      Sunday, October 11th
      Washington, D.C.

      Contact the ISO Uptown Branch to find out about buses
      leaving from Harlem to Washington, D.C.: iso.uptown.branch@googlegroups.com.
       Reserve your ticket with the Uptown/Columbia Bus at Eventbrite.
      Click on the link for more details:
      NYC Equality March


      *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~SAVE THE DATE~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

      Northeast Socialist Conference  
      Crisis and Resistance!
      October 23-25
      New York City
      Columbia University

      Now with a special Friday event:

      A Woman Among Warlords: Eyewitness to Empire

      Featuring Malalai Joya, a female Member of the Afghan Parliament and courageous voice against women's oppression and US occupation.

      8pm Columbia University – International Affairs Building – Altschul Auditorium (417)

      Every year hundreds of activists and socialists gather at the Northeast
      Socialist Conference to debate and discuss the struggles before us. The
      world faces urgent problems and needs a vision for a different future.
      With the free-market consensus in tatters and an open debate beginning
      about how best to organize our society, these discussions are more vital
      than ever. Plan now to join us the weekend of October 23-25!

      Discussions will include reports and strategizing from
      today's front-line battles. There will also be over 50 workshops on
      Marxism, the history of radical labor and socialist movements,
      alternatives to capitalism, US imperialism, and solidarity movements
      around the world. Register Today! 

      =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-IN THE NEWS-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

      For news and views from the Left, check out
      Socialist Worker Newspaper 
      ACORN in the crosshairs   
      Will the U.S. back off Iran? 

      To find More events on health care, abortion rights, LGBT activism and ways to get involved, check out:

      For any questions or information contact: ISO.Uptown.Branch@...
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