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    WELCOME NEWBIES sign up here for our newsletter http://www.freelancebyu.com *************OUR EBAY LINK************** please use our link when visiting ebay to
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      sign up here for our newsletter
      *************OUR EBAY LINK**************
      please use our link when visiting ebay to support our efforts we get a nickel!
      EB Games has Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds (Xbox) at $9.99 . F-r-e-e S&H Send for the rebate here for $10  (note: this is the SAME rebate we did for the HOBBIT a while back so if you did that rebate, please note that I do not see anywhere on the form that you cannot do more than once READ THE FINE PRINT)
      CODE:  $20 off $75 Coupon Code 46727101
      GameBoy Advance - $79.99 after coupon
      Playstation 2 - $159.99 after coupon
      Xbox - $159.99 after coupon
      Playstation 2 with network adaptor - $179.99 after coupon
      WHAT A DEAL!  GDA! I luv this thing! hurry
      only 2 left in stock now at 7:50 pm est today
      List Price: $119.99
      Price: $36.99
      Instant camera produces 2.1 x 3.4 inch wallet-size prints Motorized pop-out lens for compact carrying Two-zone pushbutton fixed-focus lens Lighten/Darken exposure control and fill flash LCD display shows shots remaining, exposure adjustments
      This compact camera is a complete redesign from the classic Polaroid camera. This camera creates fun, wallet-sized photos that can be used for your own unique business/ calling cards, to decorate your fridge or cubicle with, or to just have fun with. The mio also comes with a built in automatic flash and a lighten/ darken exposure control feature, which will help with those less than perfect lighting situations. And because the camera weighs less that a pound, it's perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.
      $10 off $10+ purchase at MTVshopping store GO HERE   (NOT VERIFIED BY ME YET) this just in from freelancer, SUE! thanks for the tip!  *PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME IF THIS OFFER IS NOT VALID OR IS PULLED, I have not had time to verify , just passing it along! :)
      USE CODE: tenbucks
      • sample of Serenity call 1-866-599-3911 or www.serenity.com
      • F-R-E-E CALL ALERT  use this and NEVER MISS A CALL, you will be notified on your screen when you are rec'ving a call and you can either ACCEPT it or IGNORE IT  (this is 30 day Try it for ZERO program!)  anjie note: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE AOL to get this!
      • LOOK FOR THIS ONE! Matchbox is targeting kids with its new collection through partnerships with Loews theaters and Nick Jr. magazine. In support of the national launch of its Matchbox Around the World Collection of 36-vehicles representing popular destinations, kids can collect passports to fill with destination-themed stamps to redeem for prizesThe Passports to Fun are available to kids with movie ticket purchases at Loews theaters and in the April issue of Nick Jr. magazine. The stamps come with the purchase of any of the new matchbox collection cars at Toys 'R' Us locations across the country. The promotion awards kids prizes for collecting stamps and redeeming them via mail through Mar. 31, 2005. Prizes include exclusive Around the World toy vehicles, Matchbox Hero City play sets and discount access to Loews theaters
      • MADD, Clear Channel Promote Sober Prom with Discounts
        Clear Channel Radio is collaborating with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for a four-market promo timed to high school proms.  The MADD BuzzFree Prom urges teens in Chicago, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio to sign a PROMise to Keep it Safe pledge. In exchange, they get a BuzzFree ID good for discounts on prom-related merchandise and entertainment. MADD hired The Xelerate Group, Addison, TX, to recruit retailers and local marketers to sponsor the effort and provide discounts for BuzzFree ID holders. Clear Channel radio stations will air BuzzFree messages and host DJ appearances through March and April in high schools, where kids can sign the pledge.
      FORMS TO LOOK FOR IN YOUR STORE  thanx to freelancer, AMY for these!
      • Look for SMP's of Chicken Helper with a small peel-off TMF sticker. Get either the Chicken Helper Cheesy Chicken Enchilada or  the Chicken Teriyaki Skillet Mix, and receive up to a $2.20 refund.  Expires 1/31/05. The sticker is shiny and blue & orange 
      • M&Ms have a new t-shirt offer! You get one shirt for 3 UPCs from single serve bags. No sizes are given but there is a color choice.  One shirt per household, expires 12/31/04.
      • The new soft drink, Pepsi Edge, rolls out late this summer. It contains 50% less sugar, carbohydrates and calories than Pepsi. The new drink has 70 calories and 20 grams of sugar in each 12-ounce can. A combination of Splenda and high fructose corn syrup was used to reduce the calories and sugar, the company said.  Plans to promote the product are underway, said Dave DeCecco, a Pepsi spokesperson.  ANJIE NOTE:  hmmmmmmm maybe the "plan" will include REBATES & COUPONS! Coke is also planning a low-calorie, or mid-calorie, version of its cola and Cadbury Schweppes continues consumer research on a mid-calorie Dr Pepper product.
      • WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS GREAT!  I hope that ALL that are GUILTY pay the price for agrrevation and also for HURTING us  FREELANCERS that cannot get their newsletter because of the SPAMMERS out there!  "In the first action taken under the new federal Can Spam act, four of the nation's largest e-mail providers on Tuesday filed suit against hundreds of online marketers. The lawsuits were filed by Microsoft Corp., Yahoo, Inc. EarthLink, Inc. and America Online, a unit of Time Warner, Inc. Six lawsuits were filed in federal courts in California, Virginia, Georgia and Washington state, according to news reports. The suits cover a range of federal and state laws, including organized crime statutes, trespass and trademark infringement. The suit claims that the defendants falsified return addresses, used misleading subject lines and routed messages through other computers, the report said. The Can Spam Act, passed last year, took effect Jan. 1. The measure establishes the first national standards for commercial e-mail and includes tough civil and criminal penalties. The Act requires senders of commercial e-mail to include an enforceable opt-out mechanism, prohibits false and deceptive headers and subject lines and increases monetary damages imposed on spammers who engage in particularly nefarious spamming techniques. The bill was sponsored by Sens. Conrad Burns (R-MT) and Ron Wyden (D-OR). The law is to be enforced by the FTC, state attorneys general and Internet service providers. Fines of up to $250 per e-mail with a cap of $2 million that can be tripled for aggravated violations can be imposed. Criminal provisions in the bill create several tiers of penalties, including up to five years in prison."
      • OOOPS ...........EXCUSE M MOI   freelancer suzanne sent this to us yesterday and I had listed as ONLY WISCONSIN, its not freelancers here is the CORRECT areas........on the website I sent you, plato.com, you have it listed for Wisconsin gift certificates here, but if you look on the left hand side,  there is also gift certificates available in  MN, TX, IL, IA,  AND FL   shares this GO HERE for 1/2 price gift certificates including hotels, dinners etc.  ALSO some contests on the site
      THE FORUM was down for a bit today folks for server upgrade, they didn't bother to lmk in advance :(  but just to let you know it is BACK UP and hopefully up for the night!
      I have started an ONLINE JOURNAL for my FRUGAL JOURNEY and will be recording there for you from time to time, check it out and lmk what ya think!  here is the linky dink enjoy!
      • Chef Boyardee Gets $3 Million Star Wars Push
        ConAgra Foods is running an estimated $3 million Star Wars promotion for Chef Boyardee tied to the debut later this month of the animated Star Wars: Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. The March 1-May 31 promotion centers on an on-pack instant-win sweeps that will award a grand-prize package of a Sharp high-definition TV, suite of Star Wars DVDs and all 90 of Hasbro's Star Wars: Clone Wars toys. First prize (25) is a collection of Hasbro Star Wars toys; second prize (10,000) is a Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber from Hasbro.
      please use our link when visiting ebay to support our efforts we get a nickel!  OUR EBAY LINK
      1c Penny Designer Listing days 3/9- 3/11!
      our listings on EBAY check it out!   GO HERE  we have MANY items  Freelancers get a GOODIE added to their orders if you let us know WITH PAYMENT that you are a PROUD FREELANCER! I start ALL of my auctions LOW from $1.99 to $2.99   JUST LISTED over 20 movies for the taking
      $5/$10 rebate on EBAY MEDIA ITEMS GO HERE
      MAILERS order samples of dif. sizes and shapes plus TAPE TOO at no cost  GO HERE
      ADD YOUR EBAY AUCTIONS to our FREELANCER AUCTION LIST!  Go here for info on how to do this
      NO COST BUSINESS CARDS!  I include these with my EBAY orders!  They are colorful and WHAT A GREAT DEAL!  You can't print them yourself for this price! retail $85.00  cost to you under $6.00 SHIPPED!  30 designs to choose from!  EXCELLENT QUALITY
      Look on the left for link for get free downloadable writing kits for kids ages 6-18 on a variety of topics
      Do you have an address? Want to show it off on your mail? For a limited time only order 140 brilliant, full-color labels for free ($7.99 value). CLICK HERE You'll get professional quality printing and hundreds of design choices. Order online!   NOT good on CARICATURE LABELS BUT they you can get them 50% off with this linky dink
      Personal CARDS with your info on them  (limited areas)  NO COST NO S&H YES please use FREELANCEBYU under COMPANY INFO!  use the website URL and your title can be SAVINGS SPECIALIST!   go get um and hand them out!  20 count
      NO COST ADDRESS LABELS!  entire thread on the forum with many offers for NO COST addy labels
      look under "freebies" to find this !
      $25 of free postage for signing up. Join the Power Plan and get free postage and FREE SCALE worth $50. Cancel in the first 29 days if you do not like the service and you owe nothing. You need to stay active for 30 day to get the free
      TAX ACT SOFTWARE on CD ROM FOR TAXES plusyou will also receive Calendar Creator AND Family Lawyer at absolutely no additional charge! This offer is available only while supplies last. GO HERE
      Hello Freelancers!   BABY IT IS COLD OUTSIDE!   brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
      I have started an ONLINE JOURNAL for my FRUGAL JOURNEY and will be recording there for you from time to time, check it out and lmk what ya think!  here is the linky dink  there is a permanent link on the MAIN WEBSITE and I will be adding to it as new things come along that may interest you! :) 
      I have been running around today and will be doing the same tomorrow so sorry for the LITE version but I hope there are some GOODIES in here that you liked!
      Thats it for now, I am SCURRYING to send this out before ..........you know what...........the best show on television!
      SURVIVOR! :)
      hugs & luv
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