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Genki Bakuhatsu Baltimore!!! --Part 2--

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  • operationgunsen
    ... wait...there s more! And this is the best one yet!! Saturday...KAAAABOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! It would seem that 1000 GALLONS OF UNACCOUNTED FOR
    Message 1 of 133 , Aug 14, 2001
      -----continued from part 1----<br><br>But
      wait...there's more! And this is the best one
      yet!!<br><br>Saturday...KAAAABOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!<br><br>It would seem that 1000 GALLONS OF UNACCOUNTED FOR
      TRIPROPYLENE that had mysteriously pooled underground decided
      to...how shall I phrase it mildly...express itself in a
      very flamboyant fashion early Saturday morning. In
      other words, it exploded...SIX TIMES!!!! Fortunatly,
      the only above ground effects were palpable tremors
      and the launching of a 300 pound manhole cover four
      feet into the air. Unfortunately, this meant even more
      sealed off roads and traffic, not to mention fire trucks
      and the like. But the show bravely went on...until
      about 1:45am when the convention center's fire-alarm
      went off.<br><br>Oh shit...<br><br>But much to our
      good fortune it was either some very minor event, a
      false alarm or, and I don't think I've ever seen
      anything quite like this, caused by EVERY fire hydrant in
      the area being opended up! It seems the fire
      department turned them all on to wash away the chemicals
      used in dealing with the
      fires.<br><br><a href=http://www.sunspot.net/news/local/bal-explode14.story?coll=bal%2Dhome%2Dheadlines target=new>http://www.sunspot.net/news/local/bal-explode14.story?coll=bal%2Dhome%2Dheadline
      s</a><br><br>Large amounts of drugs & alcohol nor repeated blows to
      my head will not be able to erase my memories of
      this Con and I haven't even touched the subject of the
      panels I got to participate on!<br><br>What can I say
      other than, it was a fuckin' blast! I'm honored that I
      finally got this opportunity to inflict my special brand
      of insanity upon a captive audience. That and some
      of you got to meet Robert Fenelon, my mentor whom I
      speak of often, and see that he's NOT my personal
      "Tyler Durden" spawned by my twisted imagination, but
      rather a real, flesh-and-blood person. (I don't talk
      about the figments crowding around inside my
      head)<br><br>Thank you all for your endless support and praise of
      our panels. From the sound of things Rob and I will
      get another crack at the panel tables next year,
      hopefully with more time to expound (re: rant and rave) on
      our topics.<br><br>I liked the four-hour blocks we
      had for "These are a few of my favorite scenes" and
      "Bad Anime, Bad!" but it became quickly apparent that
      an hour and a half for "Japan, Your History!" is
      nowhere near enough. Rob and I made the mistake of
      starting with the Great Pacific War which ate up a whole
      hour. But we might get approval for our plan to break
      up the history panel into two separate events. One
      would cover ancient Japan to the Tokugawa Shogunate,
      the other would be the Meiji Restoration to modern
      day. We'll just have to wait and see what
      opportunities come our way.<br><br>Wow! It's the day after a
      convention and I'm already excited and impatient for it to
      roll around again!!<br><br>If all goes well I should
      be seeing many of you this Saturday albeit later in
      the evening. Since I took last Saturday off I
      couldn't justify another break but I may be able to get to
      Greg's by 9:30. We'll see.<br><br>Till then, be seeing
      you...<br>Brian & Malak
    • wrightjasonkun
      hey Hazen and Adam, can you guys e-mail me at winno3@aol.com I need to get all the details for Katsucon and the hotel room. And I also need to get a
      Message 133 of 133 , Feb 1, 2002
        hey Hazen and Adam, can you guys e-mail me at
        winno3@...<br>I need to get all the details for Katsucon and the
        hotel room. <br>And I also need to get a ride, can
        anybody give me a ride? I'll be at UD, so it's on the
        way. I can give directions on how to get to my dorm.
        <br><br>1 More thing, the UD anime club is starting up, i'm
        the VP, and there is a very good chance that we may
        be holding screenings of FUNimation's new releases,
        FUNimation is the company that released the Dragon Ball
        series, and some new releases are: Lupin, Fruits Basket,
        and Yu Yu Hakusho. <br>Are we still having the club
        meeting next weekend? I sure hope so. If not, i'll see
        you guys at Katsucon!
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