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Genki Bakuhatsu Baltimore!!! --Part 1--

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  • operationgunsen
    Greetings One and All! Well...that s one more Otakon down and, if the attendance trend continues, many, many more to come. Suffice to say, I had
    Message 1 of 133 , Aug 14 12:22 AM
      Greetings One and All!<br><br>Well...that's one
      more Otakon down and, if the attendance trend
      continues, many, many more to come.<br><br>Suffice to say, I
      had a great time despite such little stumbling-blocks
      like;<br><br>1. Very little money with which to shop. I finally
      managed to do an anime con without dropping ANY money in
      the dealer's room. Trust me when I say this is
      nothing short of a miracle. I could teach the government
      a thing or two about deficit spending. :P<br><br>2.
      The sinus infection I misdiagnosed as merely "bad
      allergies". It's not the constant nose-blowing or the endless
      doses of decongestants and antihistamines that I really
      minded, it's the fact that it was threatening to reduce
      my speaking voice to that of a gravel-gargling frog
      that had me tense. Not the best way to start off your
      first time speaking on panels, no? Fortunately my voice
      didn't depart till late Sunday night and the microphones
      at the panel rooms were a godsend. Thanks
      Otakon!<br><br>And last, but not least...<br><br>3. Genki Bakuhatsu
      Baltimore!! Borrowing a friends' translation, this roughly
      means "Joyous Apocalypse Baltimore" borrowing from an
      obscure anime series "Genki Bakuhatsu Gambalgar". (See
      more on obscure anime titles below) In a nutshell,
      Baltimore has NEVER been this exciting (or inconveniencing)
      before.<br><br>Okay, for those who couldn't make it to the 'Con,
      here's what you would've had to contend with. On July
      18th a freight train carrying hazardous chemicals
      derailed and caught ablaze inside the Howard St. Tunnel
      which knocked out power and water and effectively
      closed the Inner Harbor for some
      time.<br><br><a href=http://www.sunspot.net/news/yahoo/bal-te.md.train19jul19.story target=new>http://www.sunspot.net/news/yahoo/bal-te.md.train19jul19.story</a><br><br>Naturally there are still work crews laboring here and
      there. This wouldn't be out of the ordinary except one
      of these sites was on the road where Route 95 spits
      you out into the Inner Harbor area, just past the
      convention center and the stadiums.<br><br>Traffic was
      HELL!!<br><br>Every car moving in or out of the area had to dance
      around this one-block-long construction zone. I thank
      the Powers That Be that I wasn't going through during
      rush hour and that I had air conditioning in my car.
      Oh yeah! Did I forget to mention that the
      temperature was a shred over 100 degrees and carried a
      follow-up-punch of an 80% or so humidity level?!?! I had to
      circle around twelve or so square blocks two and a half
      times to realize I couldn't drive up to my hotel
      because of the work area!!<br><br>AAAACCCKKK!!!!! `;P (me
      sweating to death)<br><br>Now we all know that bad events
      aren't solitary creatures, but prefer to hunt in threes.
      The availability of the hotels was eaten up by the
      three days of baseball games in the ajoining stadium.
      My heart goes out to all those who couldn't go
      because of the notable lack of accomodations.<br><br>But
      wait...there's more! And this is the best one
      yet!!<br><br>-----continued on part 2-----
    • wrightjasonkun
      hey Hazen and Adam, can you guys e-mail me at winno3@aol.com I need to get all the details for Katsucon and the hotel room. And I also need to get a
      Message 133 of 133 , Feb 1, 2002
        hey Hazen and Adam, can you guys e-mail me at
        winno3@...<br>I need to get all the details for Katsucon and the
        hotel room. <br>And I also need to get a ride, can
        anybody give me a ride? I'll be at UD, so it's on the
        way. I can give directions on how to get to my dorm.
        <br><br>1 More thing, the UD anime club is starting up, i'm
        the VP, and there is a very good chance that we may
        be holding screenings of FUNimation's new releases,
        FUNimation is the company that released the Dragon Ball
        series, and some new releases are: Lupin, Fruits Basket,
        and Yu Yu Hakusho. <br>Are we still having the club
        meeting next weekend? I sure hope so. If not, i'll see
        you guys at Katsucon!
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