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Nexus Gaming Alliance to Host the Zenkaikon V Game Room!

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  • kirsehn
    Nexus Gaming Alliance to Host the Zenkaikon V Game Room! We re happy to announce that the Nexus Gaming Alliance will be hosting
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2010
      Nexus Gaming Alliance to Host the Zenkaikon V Game Room!

      We're happy to announce that the Nexus Gaming Alliance
      <http://www.NGAGamers.com> will be hosting the video game room for
      Zenkaikon V! The NGA will use its experience running game rooms at a
      variety of other events, including Anime USA, Tsubasacon, and Archon, to
      provide the ultimate gaming experience for our attendees. In addition to
      providing both classic and next-generation consoles, they will also be
      running many tournaments throughout the weekend. Get ready for
      tournaments such as Halo: Reach, Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2, and
      Smash Brothers Brawl. An up-to-date tournament list can be viewed on the
      Zenkaikon website.


      About the Nexus Gaming Alliance:

      The Nexus Gaming Alliance, formed in 2010, is a combination of various
      talents brought together to form the ultimate experience in gaming and
      bring it to all sorts of events around the country. It doesn't matter if
      it's a birthday party or if it's one of the largest conventions in the
      country; the NGA is proud to take on any challenge customers brings to
      it and provide their attendees with the best experience they've had.

      The NGA's collection is a testament to their adamant love for collecting
      current and next-generation systems as much as their classic companions,
      bringing every nostalgic experience to the table as humanly possible
      with the range and variety in their systems. They also made sure to
      purchase arcade machines to help bring the experience of an arcade to
      all of those who missed out on some of the more glorious days of gaming.
      What sets them apart is the way the NGA can host a tournament on almost
      any video game in their collection, making them as versatile as their

      The Alliance's professional event managers have over ten years of
      experience in the field and are able to cater to a large variety of
      other specializations for a convention's needs. With the board of
      directors consisting of someone who has run a convention, someone who
      has been acclaimed as a professional gamer and someone who specializes
      in entertainment engineering, they have managed to experience every
      situation imaginable -- even some you wouldn't imagine in your wildest
      dreams. When they arrive at a convention, there isn't a situation or an
      area of expertise they aren't able to handle in the case of an
      emergency. The Nexus Gaming Alliance prides itself in being as helpful
      to a convention as they are proficient in running a game room.

      When you have the Alliance on your side, the party gets kicked up a

      http://www.NGAGamers.com <http://www.NGAGamers.com>

      About Zenkaikon:

      Since 2006, Zenkaikon has been bringing quality Japanese animation
      (anime), comics (manga), and popular culture themed events to the
      Philadelphia area. The convention is staffed completely by volunteers,
      who want to share their appreciation for these mediums with the
      Philadelphia region. Zenkaikon features a variety of activities
      including anime and live action screenings, video and tabletop gaming,
      special guests, costume competitions, panels, concerts, vendors, and
      more. Starting as a small one-day event, the convention has grown
      rapidly to welcome nearly two thousand attendees in 2009. The Zenkaikon
      staff wishes to thank all the attendees who have supported and helped it
      grow over the years. They look forward to building an event that will be
      an integral part of the region's culture for many years to come. For
      more information on Zenkaikon or to register for the upcoming
      convention, please visit http://www.zenkaikon.com
      <http://www.zenkaikon.com/> .

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