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Zenkaikon Announces Three New Guests

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  • kirsehn
    Hey everyone! ^_^ Sorry that this press release is a few days old, but looks like I forgot to post it here (whoops!) New guest announcements are below. Hope to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2009
      Hey everyone! ^_^ Sorry that this press release is a few days old, but
      looks like I forgot to post it here (whoops!)

      New guest announcements are below. Hope to see you at the con! ^_^

      PRESS RELEASE: Zenkaikon Announces Three New Guests
      Stephanie Chateau, C.J. Collins, and Eden Star come to Zenkaikon.

      VALLEY FORGE, PENNSYLVANIA -- February 20, 2009: The staff of
      Zenkaikon is pleased to announce several new guests for its 2009 event
      - the interactive duo Stephanie Chateau and C.J. Collins from Concept
      Galaxy, as well as musical guest Eden Star.

      About Concept Galaxy:

      The goal of Concept Galaxy is to provide interactive themed
      entertainment - much in the vein of what is presented at theme parks –
      to events such as conventions, trade shows, and expos. Concept
      Galaxy's Stephanie Chateau and C.J. Collins will be running a number
      of interactive events at Zenkaikon 2009.


      About Stephanie Chateau (Concept Galaxy):

      Stephanie Chateau is an unusual convention guest. In an interview with
      Dave Durico on Sci-Fi Overdrive, she was asked "You make your own
      comic, you're an internationally known costume designer, an actress,
      an intern to Working Actor Productions, and now you're trying your
      hand at being a show director as well. What DON'T you do?" As a show
      director, Stephanie is known for creating unique and entertaining
      shows that turn into interactive games. While she directs these
      games, she can also double as one of the characters, displaying her
      talent as an improv entertainer. Stephanie has created interactive
      events for conventions across the United States.

      About C.J. Collins (Concept Galaxy):

      C.J. Collins has made a name for himself in both the cosplay community
      and the convention circuit. He is not only known for his remarkable
      acting skills but also his "laugh out loud funny" film work. Videos he
      directed and uploaded to his "lolfilmworks" YouTube account were so
      well received that he now oversees all of Concept Galaxy's film work.
      C.J.'s experience in acting and film comes from eight years of classes
      as well as an extensive amount of participation in community theater.

      About Eden Star:

      Eden Star's music is chiefly inspired by the hedonism of the 80s hard
      rock scene and the burgeoning Japanese rock sound. The group plays
      energetic tunes that combine various forms of Rock and Roll. Hailing
      from New Jersey, their sound can be described as an amalgamation of
      Punk Grit and Metal Grind, mixed with Hard Blues, Pop Sensibility and
      even a dash of Rockabilly. Combined with a manic stage show, the end
      result is a crazy ride packed with blistering energy.


      About Zenkaikon:

      Zenkaikon was formed by the merger of the anime and sci-fi convention
      Zentrancon and the anime convention Kosaikon, both in the Philadelphia
      area. In 2006, they put on their first event, which was a tremendous
      success. Zenkaikon will return for its fourth installment on November
      7 and 8, 2009, moving into the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge. The
      convention will feature two days of programming with dealers, artists,
      panels, performances, gaming, and more. The Zenkaikon staff wishes to
      thank the many attendees who made the 2008 event such a huge success.
      They hope to see this trend continue in 2009, and are actively
      anticipating expansion with larger performance and panel areas, dealer
      space, and video game rooms.

      Zenkaikon 2009 Membership:

      Pre-registration for Zenkaikon 2009 is currently open.

      Registration Rates:
      By June 6: One Day (Saturday or Sunday) $15.00, Two Day $28.00, Two
      Day VIP $48
      By October 6: Saturday $18.00, Sunday $15.00, Two Day $30.00, Two Day
      VIP $50
      At Door: Saturday $23.00, Sunday $20.00, Two Day $40.00, Two Day VIP n/a

      Two day group rates are available.
      Children under 6 years of age are free.

      Visit www.zenkaikon.com to pre-register online, as well as to find
      information on exhibitor space, panel registration, and Zenkaikon
      rules and regulations. Printable forms for mail-in registrations are
      also available.
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