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Zenkaikon 2008 Announces Guests:Ultraball, Bill Rogers, Raqs Otaku Dancers

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  • ramothhe
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 14, 2008 Zenkaikon 2008 Announces Third Round of Guests VALLEY FORGE, PA – Zenkaikon 2008 is pleased to announce more guests for
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      May 14, 2008

      Zenkaikon 2008 Announces Third Round of Guests

      VALLEY FORGE, PA – Zenkaikon 2008 is pleased to announce more guests
      for its 2008 show; musical guest "Ultraball", voice actor Bill
      Rogers, and otaku bellydancing troupe Raqs Otaku

      About Ultraball:
      Anyone who has ever been in a band will tell you: being in a band is
      a lot like being in a relationship. They both start out with casually
      seeing the other on weekends, but before you know it, you're living
      together and arguing about the rent. So what do you do when your
      marginally successful punk rock band breaks up? Drink too much and
      play Pokemon, of course! In Pittsburgh rocker Chris Campbell's case,
      this was not merely another grieving process; this was research. In
      the summer of 2007, he had an epiphany: to sing the unwritten song of
      each and every creature that inhabits the Kanto region of Pokemon
      lore. In short: to write one hundred fifty songs for the original one
      hundred fifty Pokemon. He soon contacted long-time friend and fellow
      musician, Sami Al-Qaisi, and Ultraball was formed. Playing a variety
      of genres from punk rock to reggae, synth-pop to metal, Ultraball
      strives to capture the unique spirit of each Pokemon in song, just as
      a masterful trainer would in battle. With karaoke-style performances
      to their own original music and sequenced multimedia video from the
      Pokemon anime, everyone can count on a great time packed with tons of
      movement and excitement.

      You can catch the two-man, synth punk army at Zenkaikon on Saturday
      afternoon (10/18/08)! (Time TBA) You can check out some of their
      works at their Myspace: www.myspace.com/theultraball
      About Bill Rogers:

      Since his debut in Assemble Insert back in 2001, Bill has been
      providing voices to some of your favorite characters in some of your
      favorite shows. If you've watched KO Beast, His and Her
      Circumstances, Madara, To Heart, Gokudo, or Comic Party you've
      probably heard his voice. But he is best known for his work in
      Gravitation (Touma Seguch), Boogiepop Phantom (Yamamoto), Genshiken
      (Tanaka Souichiro), Shingu (Kanata Mouken) and more recently in The
      Third (Kevin). He can also be heard on Saturday mornings as the voice
      of Brock in Pokémon, (as well as various creatures that appear in
      that show).
      Outside of the anime field, Bill has worked on the children's show
      Tarchin and Friends, and the series of Universal Safety Squad
      educational films.In the world of video games, Bill has lent his
      voice to the X-Box game Bullet Witch and M&M's Kart Racing on the Wii
      console. He has also voiced various Pokémon including Bonsly, Weavile
      and the legendary Lucario in the Wii smash hit Super Smash Bros.
      He is looking forward to be meeting everyone at Zenkaikon this
      October. In the meantime, you can find him at

      About Raqs Otaku Dancers:

      Led by Rose, a professional oriental dancer and a
      director/choreographer, this dance troupe brings their love of anime,
      Asian culture and bellydancing together. Rose has brought the ever-
      popular Otaku-Dance fusion back home to the United States from
      Japan.Raqs Otaku are a group of dancers, all representing different
      styles of belly dance, who dance to cutting-edge techno/hip-hop/anime
      etc.- fusion bellydance music, the most kicking tunes in the world of
      anime, and incorporate cosplays of choice into their costuming,
      joined together by their love of anime/manga, Japanese culture and/or
      gaming. Not only that, but they also perform comedy skits along with
      our performance at times, we are artists, and do belly dance workshop
      panels and Japanese-language panels at conventions.
      ...In conclusion – Raqs Otaku make bellydance costumes in which
      incorporates elements of cosplay, dancing to cutting-edge music, and
      kicking 'ketsu' in general. Rose and her troupe have performed at
      several other events in both Japan and the USA and we're really
      delighted to have them at Zenkaikon 2008!
      Check out their videos, pictures and info here:
      http://www.myspace.com/roseraqs and http://www.roseraqs.com/

      About Zenkaikon:Zenkaikon was formed by the merger of the anime and
      sci-fi con Zentrancon, and the anime con, Kosaikon, both in the
      Philadelphia area. In 2006 they put on their first event which was a
      tremendous success. Zenkaikon will return to the Valley Forge
      Scanticon Conference Center for its third installment on 10/17-
      10/18/08. The con will kick off its expansion to two days of
      programming on the evening of Friday, October 17 with concerts, a
      Cosplay Ball, gaming and other special events. A full day of
      convention action will follow on Saturday, October 18 with video
      screenings, concerts, gaming, cosplay masquerade, the new Zenkaikon
      favorites – the anime version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and The
      Cosplay Dating Game, and so much more!


      Pre-registration for Zenkaikon 2008 is up and running! Go to
      www.Zenkaikon.com to pre-register online and get information on
      reserving exhibitor space, panel registration Zenkaikon rules and
      regulations and forms for snail mail pre-registration.

      Zenkaikon 2008 Membership
      by June 1: One Day (Friday or Saturday) $10.00, Two Day $20.00
      by September 15: Friday $13.00, Saturday $15.00, Two Day $23.00
      At Door: Friday $15.00, Saturday $20.00, Two Day $30.00

      Two Day Group rates also available

      Hurry and reserve your place at Zenkaikon 2008 today!

      For more information about Zenkaikon 2008 please visit
      www.zenkaikon.com and www.zenkaikon.com/guests.htm and/or email the
      Zenkaikon chair with any questions to Zenkaikon@....
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