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Zenkaikon 2007's Cosplay Dating Game Now Open for Applications!

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  • Ramothhe
    Zenkaikon 2007’s Anime/Cosplay Dating Game! Zenkaikon 2007: October 13, 2007 at the Valley Forge Scanticon Hotel and Conference Center, King of Prussia, PA
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2007
      Zenkaikon 2007’s Anime/Cosplay Dating Game!

      Zenkaikon 2007: October 13, 2007 at the Valley Forge Scanticon
      Hotel and Conference Center, King of Prussia, PA (Philly Area)

      Come join us for a hilarious good time as the classic ‘Dating Game’ takes on a whole new meaning with cosplaying bachelors and bachelorettes! Are you a good cosplayer? Do you really know your character? Would you like to compete for the hand of a lovely bachelorette or handsome bachelor for the right to take them on a “date?” Then consider auditioning for our dating game this year! More details below!

      • Dating Game Format:
      Just like in the traditional ‘Dating Games’ of yesteryear TV, this dating game is similar. 3 Bachelors or 3 Bachelorettes sit on one side of a curtain, on the other side is the ‘prize’, an elusive bachelor or bachelorette for one of the 3 other contestants to ‘win’. Twist is, you’re in costume and you ARE your character. The prize will ask several questions which you must answer in character and then choose which one they want. There will be 2 rounds of the dating game.

      • Winners of the Dating Game: will receive their picture on our website, a free lunch to eat with their ‘date’, some pocky and snacks to take on their ‘date’ and special reserved seating at the Masquerade (no waiting in line, folks!) if they choose to attend it as a ‘couple’.


      •What are the requirements to enter the Dating Game?
      oYou need to be 18 and up (sorry, folks, legal stuff. And yes if you’re selected we will check you for proof of age at the con)

      oYou need to keep things rated PG during the game

      oYou need to have a good costume (bought or handmade, either). The costume needs to be legal to wear in public and you need to be properly covered (i.e. no nudity or scantily clad things that would not be OK to wear on the street).

      oYou need to be able to know your character and really get into character
      oYou need a rocking good sense of humor

      oYou need to apply to be in it (duh!)

      oYou need to send in your application no later than September 26. Winners will be notified by October 1, 2007.

      oIf selected, you’ll be required to check in at the cosplay table during the con. We’ll ask you to sign release forms for photos and videos during the dating game at that time.
      •How do I apply to be in the dating game?
      oFill out the application and send it in along with some good photos of you in your costume to zenkaikoncosplay at gmail dot com

      oFor simplicity’s sake we’re only accepting one costume per application for this year.

      oParticipants are selected not based on application order but, based on the quality of their costumes and the popularity and appropriateness of their characters. Audiences will enjoy the game more if they recognize the characters and are familiar with a series.
      Interested?? Head on over to our forums to get the application form!

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