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Anime Party in DC, 9/23

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  • Ramothhe
    From here: http://www.buzzlife.com/events.php?event_date=2005-09-23 We re bringing back the anime party! If you were around for our last anime party in 2001,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2005
      From here:

      "We're bringing back the anime party! If you were
      around for our last anime party in 2001, you know what
      to expect -- crazy hair, big guns, colorful make-up,
      and more! This year we're having a costume contest
      with over $500 in cash and prizes to give away, so
      start planning your costumes now! We'll also be
      holding our very first anime art contest! If you'd
      like to enter with a piece that's printed out instead
      of hand drawn/inked, please send an email by 09/20/05
      to charles@... and include your full name,
      what you used to create your artwork, and attach the
      image so we know what to expect. If the work isn't
      completed by the 20th that's ok! Just send the file so
      we can authenticate the work as your own. The winners
      (Judges' choice and fans' choice) will receive $100
      each! Work must follow an anime or 'futurescape'
      Over the last few years Evol Intent has emerged as one
      of the leading forces in stateside dnb both as a label
      and as a production trio -- They are considered some
      of the biggest up and coming talents in the entire dnb
      industry. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia the crew
      consists of Knick, Gigantor and The Enemy. Apart from
      being a production outfit, Evol Intent also owns and
      operates their own label (Evol Intent Recordings),
      which functions as an outlet for their own work as
      well as like-minded artists.

      <$10 in advance> <$15 before 11pm, $20 general
      admission after 11pm at the door> <$10 with anime
      party flyer>

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      Delaware Anime Society: The Rising Sun in the First State

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