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Zentrancon 2005 Raffle starts now!

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  • Ramothhe
    I am excited to announce that we re going to be starting the Zentrancon 2005 Raffle now! Tickets will be available to purchase both online and at the con.
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30 8:17 AM
      I am excited to announce that we're going to be
      starting the Zentrancon 2005 Raffle now! Tickets will
      be available to purchase both online and at the con.
      WE'll be drawing 3-5 tickets each week (on Saturday)
      and winners will be notified and mailed their prizes
      before the con, and at the con prizes will be drawn
      hourly. We have boxes and boxes of pricy and nice
      items to raffle off, and alot of great anime companies
      and stores have provided some of these as well as a
      stockpile of merchandise we've been saving for just
      such an occasion. Ticket prices will be $6.00 before
      the con (1-2 dollars of that will be used to cover
      shipping to the winners houses), and at the con the
      tickts will be $4.00. Before the con please paypal
      ramothhe at yahoo dot com with your payment and home
      address, and you will be promptly assigned a raffle
      ticket #. Each week the winners will be notified and
      posted on these mailing lists and on LJ etc.
      Here's a list of merchandise that we'll be raffling
      off for Zentrancon 2005
      <lj-cut text="Its a bit long so its been lj cut">
      Diablo Manga #1
      Culdecept Manga #1
      Seven of Seven #1

      Cat Girl Nuku Nuku OST
      Onimusha OST
      Onimusha 3 OST
      Jubei Ninpucho OST
      Slayers the Movie OST
      Nadia The Movie OST
      Blue Seed OST

      RahXephon 1+box+teeshirt
      Najica Blitz Tactics vol 1
      Evangelion Platinum:Vol1 +Box
      Aquarian Age Vol 1
      Dragon Half
      Sayuki 1+box+Teeshirt
      Angelic Layer 1+Box
      Fruits Basket #1
      Gasaraki Vol1
      Gasaraki Vol 2
      Revolutionary Girl Utena The Rose collection Vo 1
      Rev. Girl Utena The Rose Collection Vol 2
      Dirty Pair (VHS) Vol 1

      Plushies,Figures,T-shirts and Misc
      Cromartie High School Mechazawa Plush
      Inuyasha Miroku Plush
      Excel Saga Grillin Menchi (menchi +grill)

      Inu Yasha Trading Figure: Sango
      Lain Doll with guitar (limited edition collector doll)
      Lupin the 3rd Cho Q Windup car plus Zenigata Figure
      Gundam Seed 2 Pilot SD figure set
      Initial D Sensor Sond Drift Figure (big car plus
      Patlabor 2001 Mecha FIgure
      Gundam Capsule Figure
      SD GUndam Poster
      Many other random gundam posters

      5 Scrapped Princess Teeshirts(part of our Bandai
      2-3 DAS teeshirts
      AnimeEigo Teeshirts (TBA)

      1 Cosplay Cap:Menchi from Excel Saga
      and of course, POCKY! Lots of regular or strawberry
      pocky! PLUS other industry prizes from Animeigo, ADV,
      and Funimation (TBA)

      Sound good? Enter this week's raffle!

      Mattie, DAS President and Z'con 2005 co Chair

      DAS South Chapter President
      Delaware Anime Society: The Rising Sun in the First State

      Tangled Woods Magazine Anime and Manga Editor

      Zentrancon 2005 Staff Co-Chair
      Support the ASPCA and save a life!

      Caroline County Humane Society: Go ADOPT!

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