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Howls Moving Castle Special Event sponsored by the Delaware Anime Society

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  • Ramothhe
    The DAS has been asked to put on a program surrounding the acquisition of Howl s Moving Castle to the Schwartz Center for the Arts in Dover, DE! As one of our
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8 3:10 PM
      The DAS has been asked to put on a program surrounding
      the acquisition of Howl's Moving Castle to the
      Schwartz Center for the Arts in Dover, DE! As one of
      our club trips and outings, a nice group of DAS
      members had a movie night at the Schwartz in March,
      2005 when we came to see House of Flying Daggers.
      Well, I just received this email:
      Josh Twilley <> wrote:

      I represent the Dover Independent Movie Society, and I
      wanted to reach out to your organization. First, I
      wanted to thank you for your support, in
      particular with your strong presence in our first
      movie, House of Flying Daggers, last March at the
      Schwartz, and taking the time to fill out our surveys.
      We really do appreciate it.

      Second, I wanted to present an interesting opportunity
      that might benefit both our groups. We are planning to
      show Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle as our first
      feature in September, and we thought this might be a
      good opportunity to kick off our extra program series.
      We are hoping to find those knowledgeable in either
      Miyazaki's works or in Japanese Animation who might be
      able to (sorry, I cant reveal to you the program we're
      going to be doing until its finalized, folks, but let
      me just say it'll be awesome!)

      We are not sure yet if this would fall on the Sun
      showing (9/4 I believe -Labor Day weekend) or the Wed
      showing (9/7), and the program would begin at 6:45 in
      either case. If this is something you guys might
      be interested in doing, please let me know.

      Best regards,

      Joshua Twilley

      The Dover Independent Movie Society's mission is to
      bringing Independent,foreign, and documentary movies
      to the Dover area. We are committed to reaching out to
      all groups in the Dover area, by class, culture, or
      special interest, in trying to bring the community
      closer together.


      This means our club has been selected by the
      prestigious Schwartz Center for the Arts to assist in
      their Asian programming. I am so excited by this new
      alliance and feel free to come see the movie and our
      special program that will go along with it!I'll pass
      along more details when I know them.
      :D. After how many of us showed up last time they
      showed an Asian film, I guess with our encouragement
      they'll try to get more Asian venues now that they
      know theres a big group of folks who would definitely
      be right there to come see them! ^^


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      Delaware Anime Society: The Rising Sun in the First State

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