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Re: Holiday Club Meeting

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  • operationgunsen
    Greetings All! Sorry I haven t been very vocal here. I know I should be on here more since I m the moderator and all that. I m sorry to say that I couldn t
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 17, 2002
      Greetings All!

      Sorry I haven't been very vocal here. I know I should be on here
      more since I'm the moderator and all that.

      I'm sorry to say that I couldn't make this month's meeting as I
      was busy speaking on anime-related panels at Philcon (first
      time this con's done scheduled anime-stuff) with others
      including Amy Howard-Wilson who did the voice of Nova on the
      first two seasons of "Star Blazers". (Go me!)

      I ran into one of our steady attendees who said he'd bring the
      next volume of "Tsukikage Ran" but it sounds like it didn't get
      shown so I'll make sure I bring it next time.

      Should I see about bringing "Magnos" (Hail Zerxis Tire-Iron
      Dada!!) or "Attack of the Supermonsters" for next month? ;D

      Seriously though, I'll keep my eyes open for anything new or
      interesting for further meetings. Just how far did we get with
      "Hellsing"? I know we did the first volume but did we do the
      second as well? What I'm really keeping my eyes open for is the
      upcoming "Ghost In The Shell" TV series. Not only does it look
      like it'll be more faithful to the manga but Yoko "My Fucking Music
      Goddess" Kanno will be supplying the score!!! Hopefully I can
      grab some fansubs before too long.

      Take care Minna-San. Happy Holidays.
      Till then, be seeing you...
      Brian & Malak
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