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  • operationgunsen
    Greetings One and All! So glad you could make it here to our humble...I dunno...web-thingie! (Dignified, ain t it?) Well, I suppose I should start off
    Message 1 of 133 , Nov 4, 2001
      Greetings One and All! So glad you could make it
      here to our humble...I dunno...web-thingie!
      (Dignified, ain't it?)<br><br>Well, I suppose I should start
      off with business first. Our next meeting is less
      than a week away and I'm looking forward to seeing as
      many of you there as possible as well as the usual
      contributions we manage to scrape up from God Only Knows Where.
      I, for one, have the final episode of Giant Robo on
      tap, leveled and at the ready to wring your hearts
      "mit das uber-drama" and thwart your mind's capacities
      to fully grasp the terms "hyperbole" and
      "over-the-top"! In addition, I am trying to dig up some
      particularly twisted shorts from my primary source, the good
      Robert Fenelon (some may remember him from Otakon).
      However, to find them I must brave the cavernous halls of
      his marginally organized tape library. Wish me luck!
      I may not even return alive or mentally intact!!
      (what a friggin' shame that'd be, huh?)<br><br>Anyway,
      ignoring the overrated trivialities of sanity, there is
      more. I've recently discovered my long-lost roll of
      film from Otakon. Now that the developed pictures are
      safely in hand I plan on scanning them and posting them
      in our Photos section soon. Beware! You may be
      seeing more of yourself next time you visit!!
      ;><br><br>And lastly, I want to encourage people to post pics
      and links on the club. That's what it's there for.
      However (I love that word!), if you do post something I'd
      recommend you mention it in the Messages section. I just
      randomly traversed the club's sections and discovered
      links and pics that have been here for some
      time.<br><br>If you post something, step up to the mike (so to
      speak) and say something. I usually check the Messages
      just to see if there's some new and interesting
      conversation I can harp in on. That's it. And I'm the Admin
      for God's sake! Pathetic of me for sure, but it's
      what I do. So drop us a line if you have something to
      share. Something like;<br><br>"Hey guys! Here's some
      neat stuff! Check it
      out!"<br><a href=http://foodcourt.cyril.com/ target=new>http://foodcourt.cyril.com/</a><br>"I'll add it to the Links section as well!
      Enjoy!!"<br><br>No fuss...no muss. All I ask are two
      things;<br><br>1. Say something.<br><br>2. Keep it clean. No hentai
      or the like.<br><br>I don't wanna sound like a prude
      but I don't want one person's idea of what's "rilly
      neet & kewl" coming back and biting us all in the ass,
      especially if someone decides to trace it to Greg who's
      store is detailed in the club description. This is an
      open-to-all and (more importantly) Listed club on Yahoo.
      Anyone can check us out and join. That and I've heard
      Yahoo! has been cracking down on it's adult content,
      closing clubs and such. You do the math.<br><br>Sorry if
      I'm sounding like a bit of an Oni, but I felt it must
      be said. This way we're all on the same wavelength
      and there will be no bruised feelings if I pull a pic
      or link. It's not an attack, just a line in the sand
      I'm sure we can all get behind. Wakarimasu-ka?
      :)<br><br>That felt good! I haven't ranted in a while. Best I
      get it out of my system instead of when people are
      trying to watch anime, neh Minna-san?<br><br>And on that
      note, I shall draw my rant to it's conclusion. I
      encourage feedback, responses and other points of view. By
      mail or on the Message board, either will do fine.
      Tell me what you
      think.<br><br>operationgunsen@...<br>OR<br>malak_the_mad@...<br><br>Till then, be seeing you...<br>Brian T. Price<br>Malak
      the Mad<br><br>P.S.: Does anyone wanna second my
      motion to pick up showing Nadia where we left off? It's
      such a great show!
    • wrightjasonkun
      hey Hazen and Adam, can you guys e-mail me at winno3@aol.com I need to get all the details for Katsucon and the hotel room. And I also need to get a
      Message 133 of 133 , Feb 1, 2002
        hey Hazen and Adam, can you guys e-mail me at
        winno3@...<br>I need to get all the details for Katsucon and the
        hotel room. <br>And I also need to get a ride, can
        anybody give me a ride? I'll be at UD, so it's on the
        way. I can give directions on how to get to my dorm.
        <br><br>1 More thing, the UD anime club is starting up, i'm
        the VP, and there is a very good chance that we may
        be holding screenings of FUNimation's new releases,
        FUNimation is the company that released the Dragon Ball
        series, and some new releases are: Lupin, Fruits Basket,
        and Yu Yu Hakusho. <br>Are we still having the club
        meeting next weekend? I sure hope so. If not, i'll see
        you guys at Katsucon!
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