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57Music Videos and Otakon 2001

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  • otakuwolf
    Jun 7, 2001
      Is anyone entering a video for this year's
      Otakon? Except for me, of course!<br><br>Yes, it's
      finally done, or as the they say in Hollywood, "In the
      Can". I don't expect it to win, as it is my FIRST, but
      it's still not bad. I'll bring a copy for everyone to
      review Saturday.<br><br>Brian, I'll also bring Nadia #1
      & 2. Anything else?<br><br>One last thing: Matt, if
      you're out there, could I submit the video directly to
      you (with all the paperwork) at the meeting and save
      on some shipping?<br><br>Hope to see everyone at the
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