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199UD anime club

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  • Nalfien Ericsson
    Oct 7, 2003
      Hello, all! As many of you know, I am not attending the Between Books
      anime club right now. However, there is a an anime club down where I
      am (the University of Delaware). And, I having discussed it with the
      officers, we've decided to open it (unofficially) to non-students.
      Now, you can't join officially, but I'm sure no one would say
      anything if you just showed up. You're all quite welcome to bring
      stuff to watch, we do have people who signed up to bring certain
      things, but I'm sure we could squeeze somebody in at some point.

      We meet weekly on Wednesday nights at 7:30 in Gore Hall room 318. If
      you need more specific directions, e-mail me (also so I know how many
      extras to expect).

      Okay, have fun, and I hope to see you all there.

      --NE (Eric Remington, VP UD anime club)