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133katsucon and stuff

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  • wrightjasonkun
    Feb 1, 2002
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      hey Hazen and Adam, can you guys e-mail me at
      winno3@...<br>I need to get all the details for Katsucon and the
      hotel room. <br>And I also need to get a ride, can
      anybody give me a ride? I'll be at UD, so it's on the
      way. I can give directions on how to get to my dorm.
      <br><br>1 More thing, the UD anime club is starting up, i'm
      the VP, and there is a very good chance that we may
      be holding screenings of FUNimation's new releases,
      FUNimation is the company that released the Dragon Ball
      series, and some new releases are: Lupin, Fruits Basket,
      and Yu Yu Hakusho. <br>Are we still having the club
      meeting next weekend? I sure hope so. If not, i'll see
      you guys at Katsucon!
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