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Trackers/K-9er's Now Have Their Own Employment, Equipment, Jobs,

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  • Ed
    Trackers/K-9er s Now Have Their Own Employment, Equipment, Jobs, Auction Database I wanted to post this message from the Man_Tracking_University Yahoo Group.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2007
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      Trackers/K-9er's Now Have Their Own Employment, Equipment, Jobs,
      Auction Database

      I wanted to post this message from the Man_Tracking_University Yahoo
      Group. I had mentioned that the Yahoo Group software is somewhat
      limiting as it applies to fulfilling the needs of a Group of

      I posted to my group members that I had an idea to correct this
      situation. The posting said: ...." I am finding the Yahoo Group
      software to be a little inflexible for some ideas that I have been
      exploring. Since I am retired but in the software business, I have
      been exploring with an idea of having my team create
      "auction/classified ads/wanted to buy" software. No, I am not trying
      to compete with eBay. I am just trying to create an environment for
      Trackers and K-9 Specialists to exchange our materials besides being
      "knowledge people". I am starting to believe that Trackers and K-9
      Specialists could use this idea for advertising. It would be possible
      with the software to:

      1) Post Tracker/K-9 schools and training courses.
      2) Register themselves and their credentials and pursue "Work for Hire".
      3) Sell used and new equipment or products.
      4) Post ads for wanted equipment or products.
      5) Post ads for any material that you wish to sell, for example, ATV's,
      GPS's, etc.

      I would not limit the software and would make the categories open for
      expansion by members to add books, ebooks, and other subcategories.

      I am looking for input from all members as to:

      a) What you wish to see in the software's capabilities?
      b) Your general input on my idea?"....

      Privately, the response was awesome. One of the members suggested
      .."Ed, It would be good to have a regional breakout in the employment
      section, by state and country. Gear sales are good..."

      So I had the software created and have posted it on a special URL
      named: www.mantrackinguniversity.com/

      Basically the inputs from members who contacted me expressed that the
      database include Employment, Equipment, Jobs, and Items for Sale or
      Wanted for Trackers/K-9 people.

      So I created a new website appropriately at URL:
      <http://www.mantrackinguniversity.com/> and linked the website to a
      special Employment, Equipment, Jobs, Auction database.

      The site software is designed to address Tracker/K-9 requirements as
      well as other needs.

      The Tracker Section addresses: Books, Training, Classes, Schools, Look
      for Employment- Jobs, Equipment for Sale and Equipment Wanted, Posting
      Scheduled Meetings, etc.

      The K-9 Section addresses: Books, Courses, Dogs for Sale, Equipment for
      Sale, Equipment Wanted, a Jobs Section, Meetings, Schools and Training

      You can list any item and add your own sub-category.

      The Jobs, Post Want Ads, Swap, Sell, and Buy SERVICE IS FREE to any
      members of this group.

      You can even open up your own store to sell many, many items but this
      is not a free service.

      Please let me know if you need any changes to the software.


      Ed, Moderator of Man Tracking University .. Yahoo Group

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