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Re: No honor

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  • wclark1046
    >>No, I have not lost.>> Yes, you have. >> Just because you say something over and over doesn t make it true.>> If
    Message 1 of 6476 , Dec 30, 2001
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      >>No, I have not lost.>><br><br>Yes,
      you have.<br><br>>> Just because you say
      something over and over doesn't make it
      true.>><br><br>If you were at all interested, you could easily look
      into it for yourself, and find that it is true. But
      you won't; you're too into self-righteous
      outrage.<br><br>>> The lab or the breeder does not have to report
      the animals.>><br><br>No, but they will tell
      you their sales/purchase figures.<br><br>>> You
      STILL haven't explained how we could be sure about how
      many of these animal are used if there is noone they
      have to report to. >><br><br>You nitwit - unless
      they're conjuring animals out of thin air, then knowing
      their sources tells us how many are used. Sheesh, is it
      really that complicated?<br><br>More to the point, you
      still haven't provided any reason we should even be
      ***concerned*** with how many they use or don't use.
    • whitewolf2025
      Here s a new debate topic - animal rights v. animal welfare. Excuse me if it s already been taken. I m just bored and need something to do. Personally, I
      Message 6476 of 6476 , Feb 6, 2002
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        Here's a new debate topic - animal rights v.
        animal welfare. Excuse me if it's already been taken.
        I'm just bored and need something to do. Personally,
        I support animal welfare. I think groups like PETA
        and HSUS definately need to sort out some problems -
        don't think I that I think adopting animals and
        everything is wrong, because I adopted a dog from our local
        shelter last Feb., but look at the statistics (found from
        <a href=http://littlegems.hypermart.net/1/ARA.html target=new>http://littlegems.hypermart.net/1/ARA.html</a>) - PETA sent Rodney Coronado's "support
        committee", the guy who bombed the animal research place,
        $45,200, which is 15 times as much as they donate to
        animal shelters every year. Less than .03% ($5,000)of
        PETA's $13.4 million dollar budget was given to shelter
        spay/neuter programs in the US. 90% of PETA's donation money
        was spent on it's new satellite offices in Germany.
        HSUS does not operate a single shelter, even though
        they have a 40 million dollar budget.That's enough to
        operate at least one good shelter in every state, plus
        they'd have enough money left over to feed, spay,
        neuter, and save the lives of thousands of dogs and cats
        every year. But they did manage to pay it's president
        and vice president a combined amount of $446,882.
        Something seems a little fishy, maybe they're really not
        devoted to animal rights, just lots of $?<br>Whitewolf
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