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7329Re: [Animal Rights Debate Club] Digest Number 210

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  • John Dickmon
    Jan 17, 2006
      Frank, what did I say?

      animalrightsdebateclub@yahoogroups.com wrote:
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      1. Action Alert - Poultry in Turkey
      From: "Franck Michel"


      Message: 1
      Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:43:44 +0100
      From: "Franck Michel"
      Subject: Action Alert - Poultry in Turkey

      In Turkey: Live chickens have been thrown into pits, buried alive, or trapped inside plastic bags to die of suffocation. In Kars, poultry has been burned alive. Footage has been aired on television stations worldwide.
      Turkish animal protection organizations have protested to the authorities, but their message will be even stronger if it is supported by emails from abroad. Please send the following text:
      Türkiye'de kümes hayvanlarýnýn itlafýnda kullanýlan bazý metodlar için tepkimi belirtmek istiyorum. Kuþ gribi elbette tehlikeli bir tehdittir, ama bu, hayvanlarýn canlý olarak torbalara týkýlmalarýný, bazý bölgelerde yapýldýðý gibi canlý canlý gömülmelerini ya da üzerlerine gaz dökülerek yakýlmalarýný haklý kýlmaz. Bu uygulamalar kabul edilemez bir vahþettir, ve televizyonda yayýnlanmalarý ile, Avrupa'da ve Dünya'da Türkiye hakkýnda çok kötü bir imaj oluþmasýný saðlamaktadýrlar.

      to cumhurbaskanligi@..., bilgiedinme@..., mustafa61@..., bulent.arinc@..., HuseyinS@..., delegation-turkey@... respectively president of the republic, prime minister, minister of the environment, president of parliament, director of the agricultural ministry department that makes decisions regarding slaughter, Turkish delegation to the European Union

      with a copy to the Turkish media: defne.samyeli@..., akirca@..., okurhatti@..., yorum@..., haber@..., yergun@..., iletisim@..., postakutusu@..., editor@..., izmir@..., tdn@..., okurhatti@...

      Remember to include your name and address in your letter (city and country, at least).

      I am writing to express my strong disapproval of the cruel slaughter methods sometimes used on poultry in Turkey. While avian flu is a serious threat, it does not justify causing animal suffering by putting live animals in bags, burying them alive, or burning them alive, as has been done in some places. These practices are unacceptably cruel toward animals and, when broadcast on television, convey a very poor image of Turkey in Europe and throughout the world.

      The Turkish text is from An-su Aksoy, and the email addresses are from An-su Aksoy and Hülya Alpgiray, which protect animals in Turkey.

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