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7320Kei the Wolf: Campaign Action/Update

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  • Franck Michel
    Dec 5, 2005
      From: greg leisure
      4 Dec, 2005

      For those who want to read the New Address/Update first, please scroll down.

      Kei is a 13 year old female North American Eastern Timber Wolf who has lived virtually her entire life on a 7 x 4 meter concrete slab in almost total isolation from others of her species at the Okinawa City Kodomo no Kuni Zoo in Okinawa, Japan. There, she is routinely barked and howled at and spends most of her time pacing in the hot sub-tropical climate of Okinawa.


      TWO easy and quick STEPS Of Action YOU Can Take:

      1. This month, I would like for all of us to just focus on sending a few Christmas cards or New Year Cards to Kei. This will let the zoo know that hundreds, if not thousands, of people around the world are still intently following her campaign. Decide for yourself whether you would like to address the envelope holding the card to Kei or either Yoshinobu Nishikawa (Executive Director). Even if it is addressed to Kei, I feel they will still open it. But, some people have expressed concern that cards addressed in that manner may go unopened and therefore should be addressed to Mr. Nishikawa. Whichever you choose, be sure to make it unmistakable that the card inside is specifically meant for Kei.

      Please try to send one for Xmas and New Years. Also, it would be great if you could let others know of her Xmas card campaign and ask those that you know to spare two stamps (international postal rates are always double the domestic rate) to send her a greeting. And, ask them to spread the campaign as well. If you have a few kids in your family, separate cards from each child could make the bulk total of cards the zoo gets increase dramatically.

      Here is the address:

      Kei the wolf, or (Mr. Yoshinobu Nishikawa)
      Kodomo no Kuni
      5-7-1 Goya
      Okinawa City, Okinawa Pref.,

      2. And, don`t forget, if you would like to send a few e-mails to him directly telling him how you feel about their treatment of Kei and their refusing to release her and better her conditions even more, then please send your thoughts to:



      Address and Update:

      Hi Everyone, and welcome all new supporters.

      Kei`s status is still the same. She still lives alone in the zoo, spending most of her time pacing or laying down without much to occupy her.

      Just last month Kei`s official campaign past the one year mark. Since that time there have been a few positive results from the campaign. She has been moved to a larger enclosure -- about 3 times larger than her former enclosure was. She was given a suitable pool to wade in. Where her previous enclosure was virtually all concrete, her enclosure now is one that is mostly dirt substrate. The zoo has also agreed to keep her kennel open all day so that now she is not forced to be in view of visitors when she feels threatened. She can now retreat into it out of view if she wishes.

      We have managed to successfully stop the U.S. schools on base from making the zoo a destination for field trips, effectively depriving the zoo of those funds. A contact I have, one of our supporters who through another group must talk to the zoo executive administrator, Yoshinobu Nishikawa, has told me that he is still very angry that those schools have not been making their yearly visits as they had before. He also has told her that they have gotten many letters and phone calls from people all over the world. She has seen it herself and said it is a big stack of letters. They don`t like that they have been exposed to the world.

      Mr. Nishikawa also told her that the zoo was trying to speed up their "9 Year" reform plan, noting that they are behind the times with regards to enriched enclosures.

      They are embarrassed about their facilities and the knowledge that the world is keenly interested in them because of their treatment of Kei.

      The consulate general of the U.S. here in Okinawa, the ambassadore of the U.S. embassy, along with the governor here, and others in the Japanese governement, have all been made aware of Kei.

      Another good thing that has come from the campaign is that through meeting others here who are concerned about animals, they have used their connections to get school children to work on class projects that would focus on improving animal enclosure conditions and providing enrichment. You can see some of their work at: http://www.freewebs.com/kms_clubzero/index.htm These children sometimes directly confront the zoo staff about their concerns and that seems to help in getting some things done. For example, this past Halloween and a week after that, the children were able to provide pumpkins to many of the animals.

      Kei loved her pumpkins and tore them open with energy in order to get at the gooey meat inside. The same with the chimpanzees. On the second time, the hippos jumped out of their muck filled water to come and get their pumpkins which they had remembered from the previous week.

      We still haven`t been able to get detailed info on the zoo`s plan to acquire elephants. They know we have been watching this next move of theirs and for the time being, it seems to have been put on hold (but that cannot be confirmed)

      That`s it for now. Thank you all for staying with the campaign and willing to get these updates from time to time.

      Okinawa, Japan


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