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  • Patricia Breen
    From: Susan Trear Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 11:46:18 -0800 Subject:RE: Rushville, IND SHELTER WORKERS CAN BE WORST ABUSERS Of course, just
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      From: "Susan Trear" <STrear@...>
      Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 11:46:18 -0800

      Of course, just as fires are so often set by the firemen themselves, even by Fire Chiefs, because they are attracted to fire like any firebug, we see this same egregious occurrence in shelters throughout the country. Those whose issues compel them to find situations in which they can alleviate their stress and and mask personal frailties through abuse of small living things (including children, I might add), will find them in hands-on shelter positions. In smaller shelters, where there is little or no oversight, cruelty may reign, and power plays and manipulation of rescue groups establish a reign of terror for animals and rescuers alike. It is clear from the get-go of this situation that Jack Hill may well fall into this category. One has only to read the gruesome details of his failed history as a dog-and/or cat-killer. He really must go immediately, since I am quite certain without reading it that Mr. Hill's actions fly in the face of any Mission Statement
      that Rushville may have created for their "pound" or even for their City. It is pretty clear that this has become a media event, and a nationwide news item, all negative marketing for Rushville. The Mayor and Council who immediately set this situation right are the ones who will do the most to save Rushville from a barrage of criticism and bad press from the public. Defenders of Mr. Hill or the Mayor, who also ordered additional injections to poor Gabby, have already positioned and identified themselves in the category I mentioned above, as perpetrators. Without an appreciation of the heart and mind of every living being in a given jurisdiction, such as a town or city, hamlet or parish, one cannot further the interests of their citizens for the benefit of all.

      Susan A. Trear
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      From: Johnson Carol L. [mailto:carol.johnson@...]
      Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 11:04 AM
      To: Susan Subject: RE: Rushville, IND

      I would urge all of you to read the story in the Rushville paper about this morally dead man. In August....with another dog this idiot failed to properly PTS.....dog was heard whimpering and crying...and he injected it seveal times...and just tossed back in the freezer.

      IMHO...he has a dead soul.


      From: Susan Trear [mailto:STrear@...]
      Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 12:46 PM
      To: Herbert Landau; Marjorie Banks; Jason Williams; arianthor@...; JUDY BISHOP; Johnson Carol L.; dauna.rosspaquier@...;
      Subject: RE: Rushville, IND

      Hi all: Being so far away, my weapon is my phone and my story. Thus, I have left a message for Mayor Bridges that my next call is to Congressman Pence, someone he has worked with on a political basis. I am representing the All Governors' Adjunct Task Force on Animal Cruelty, investigating what may become some very negative press for poor little Rushville. Though I see that Jack Hill has been suspended (??), Jamie may stll be in some peril. I will see what the Mayor says when he returns my call (if he does) and let you know. One of my favorite words has been used in this case by a fellow rescuer (you know who you are) and that is "reprehensible." The whole things is exactly that. So, as with any kind of training of animals including humans, one needs to interrupt bad behavior to change the brain waves. I am hoping that if Cesar Milan can do it with dogs, we can do it with Rushville's wayward and possible criminal authorities.

      Susan A. Trear
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      From: Herbert Landau [mailto:herbdiane@...]
      Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 4:06 PM
      To: Marjorie Banks; 'Jason Williams'; arianthor@...; 'JUDY BISHOP';
      Subject: RE: Rushville, IND

      We need to get behind her - it would be horrible

      From: banks_marj@...
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      Subject: RE: Rushville, IND
      Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 18:41:40 -0500

      I talked with a reporter today who said they are trying to blame it all on her and she might loose her job, because she "blew the whistle". They confiscated her computer not Jacks'. Jack is the ONLY one that euthanizes there. Also, meds and records are no longer there. She is fearful for her life as this is a "Good old boy town" according to my source. This is 3rd time involving 5 dogs, all put down by Jack.

      Marjorie Banks-DoxiMom Rescue
      SPCAofTN Shelter Director
      USAP - Director

      From: Herbert Landau [mailto:herbdiane@...]
      Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 6:28 PM
      To: Jason Williams; arianthor@...; banks_marj@...; JUDY BISHOP; Cc: mayor@...; secretary@...; clerk@...; deputyclerk@...
      Subject: RE: Rushville, IND

      We need to protect this poor woman who tried to do the right thing.

      Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 10:58:29 -0800
      From: bananakaboom@...
      Subject: Rushville, IND
      To: arianthor@...; banks_marj@...; jbishop_1@msn.
      CC: mayor@...; secretary@...; clerk@...; deputyclerk@...

      No state is perfect when it comes to managing an overabundance of companion animals, but if true the below actions are downright f_cking REPREHENSIBLE.

      "When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him." - Jonathan Swift

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      Subject: Will you do me a favor?

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      Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 8:14 PM
      Subject: Will you do me a favor?

      Please take a quick minute and sign this petition. You're signing for A LIFE. Literally. And many more......


      RUSHVILLE, Ind. -- Rushville suspended its animal shelter's director over allegations that five dogs have survived euthanasia attempts there since August, including a dog that lived despite spending several days in a freezer.

      Shelter director Jack Hill's suspension followed the allegations made by Rushville animal control officer Jamie Glandon, who said she recently found a dog -- Gabby -- alive in a freezer four days after it was believed to have been euthanized, 6News' Rick Hightower reported Wednesday.

      The shelter's freezer is where the carcasses of euthanized animals are placed until they can be discarded.

      "I went into the freezer to dispose of an animal, and (Gabby) popped her head up out of a barrel," said Glandon, who added that dead animals were piled around the survivor.

      Glandon said orders were given to try to euthanize Gabby (pictured) again, but Glandon refused, taking the dog instead to a veterinarian.

      Glandon said four other dogs survived euthanasia attempts since the summer: a border collie in August and three black lab puppies in October.

      She said that after 6News talked to her Wednesday, police confiscated her computer at the shelter. She said she believes her job is in jeopardy because she spoke about the failed euthanasia attempts.

      Jamie Glandon

      Glandon said she wouldn't reveal where Gabby is, but she hopes to place the dog in a home once it has recovered.

      "Gabby is in hiding. She is somewhere where she is safe, and she is recuperating," Glandon said. "We're not making her location known to anybody for safety reasons for her."

      Patricia Breen

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