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[MARC] Harvard: Friday's Fiend

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    _Harvard: Friday s Fiend _ (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MARC_list/message/7997;_ylc=X3oDMTJycDNhZjRuBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE1BGdycElkAzExMjAwNzYyBGdycHNwSWQDMTcwNT
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2007
      _Harvard: Friday's Fiend _
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      Fri Nov 2, 2007 5:37 am (PST)
      Each day this week, in preparation for our Harvard Primates Vigil
      tomorrow, we have been highlighting a different Harvard primate
      vivisector and his or her work.

      Today's animal-fiendly selection is Bertha K. Madras, aka, The
      Wicked Witch of the East, aka, The She-Devil of Southborough.
      (Please note that this is no way meant to denigrate the Good Witches
      in any way.) :-)

      Bertha's been addicting animals to recreational drugs for 40 years
      now. Pick a drug and pick an animal and Bertha has forced the former
      on the latter. Standard methods for forcing primates to take drugs
      are to withhold food and make them choose between drugs or hunger or
      to use electric shock and the threat of electric shock. (She is a
      big buddy of Herr Doktor Spealman, whom we highlighted for his cruel
      animal addiction work on Tuesday. We are certainly getting the
      picture that forced animal addiction is big money for Harvard,
      aren't we? Actually, Harvard gets about $2 million/year to addict
      animals to drugs. Jeez, a lot of street pushers would be very happy
      with those kinds of salaries, huh?)

      Here is just one of the Wicked Witch's most recent experiments.
      (Note that she describes the monkeys as having been "recruited".
      What's that mean? Were they able to peruse the Harvard benefits
      package before signing on?)

      This is how she starts this lovely experiment: Shoot up monkeys with
      cocaine for 16 consecutive days. Then this so-called "treatment
      period" is followed by a 7 day "period of abstinence" before the
      recruited monkeys are given what she calls "the cocaine challenge".
      (Huh??!? Is this some drug-induced take on that old Pepsi Challenge
      thing, Bertha??)

      And, groan, like most of the other Harvard voyeur-scientist, animal
      torturers' deeds, all of this, of course, is videotaped.

      According to the Wicked Witch, the resulting cage behaviors of the
      monkeys were "readily distinguishable by observers blinded to the
      treatment type", which in us common people's language means "Any
      damn fool could see these poor animals were being driven crazy by
      the cocaine that witch gave them."

      Here is what the animals did when forced to ingest all this cocaine
      (i.e. Dr. Witch's "Results"):

      1. Rapid side-to-side swinging movements of the head interrupted by
      brief periods of visual tracking or staring (frequently at a raised

      2. Huddling either in a corner or at the bottom of the cage.

      3. Cage clutching and holding.

      4. To-and-fro rocking and swinging.

      Oh, Bertha, Bertha. This is NOT what they meant when they told you
      as a child that something was more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

      Bertha says the poor monkeys "exhibited striking stereotypic
      behaviors" which, again, in non-Harvard-behaviors" which,
      means "They just did what everyone knew they would do already." So
      why in the world is she doing this, other than, dare we say, the
      sadistic pleasure she must get from watching a bunch of drug-crazed

      Sigh. It gets worse. Two hours after The Final Cocaine Challenge,
      the Wicked Witch is not even satisfied with euthanizing the animals
      before she slices into their brains. She insists on doing it while
      they are still alive.

      [Dear Lord, isn't there a house somewhere in Kansas that can fall on
      us and wake us up in a world where no one would ever think to do, let
      alone, do, such things to innocent animals?]

      Anyway, after all that she does what every academic does---fills
      pages of journals with charts she generates from this "data". (God
      help us all when PowerPoint falls into the wrong hands.) You can see
      it all here: _http://www.jneuroschttp://wwwhttp://www.jnhttp://www_
      but to tell you the truth, we are sick unto death of it all.

      Hope to see you this weekend for the 2000+ Harvard primates!

      And look for tomorrow's postings about weather and MARC's final
      evaluation of how Harvard treats primates.

      For the animals,

      Helen & Steve

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