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ITD Update 12/04/06

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    It s Their Destiny News items on Asian animal abuse 12th April 2006 Dog and Cat Eating in Vietnam / Philippines News Dear Friends Our colleagues at SiriusGAO
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2006
      "It's Their Destiny"

      News items on Asian animal abuse

      12th April 2006
      Dog and Cat Eating in Vietnam / Philippines

      Dear Friends

      Our colleagues at SiriusGAO have revealing
      translations from a Vietnamese newspaper of shocking treatment of companion
      animals. Below is the covering email from their correspondant, but please go
      to Sirius' web site at http://sirius.2kat.net/Vietnam.html for the full
      reports and photos.


      Dear kind-hearted people,

      The links i attached below is an online news
      of a famous News Paper in Vietnam, I guess you have ever thought that cats
      and dogs in Vietnam are considered special dishes legally, no one protect
      them. The authorities in Vietnam also eat them a lot and sometime catch them
      legally when they wander without owner. Whenever dog or a cat goes out, they
      can be catched by thieves easily. It 's really terrible. How can human eat
      them, they looked like angels, like friends that god sent to us. Please help
      them to get the right of living in my country and send this email to others
      organization that you know. It will be a good idea if you can invite the
      representative of UN in Vietnam to help this problem. Thank you a lot. God
      will bless you best things because of your noble work. I also attached the
      translation of these pages, because they were posted in Vietnamese.


      The following item is from the Philippines Sun
      Star (9th April) and is of interest in that they are talking of a "proposed
      ban" based on an existing unenforced law! What is it about the concept of a
      "law" that they find so difficult to comprehend? Dog eating is already
      illegal nationally and now they talk of introducing a city-wide ban.........
      Are we missing something here? The Philippines government must act without
      delay to enforce the Animal Welfare Act. This Act was written with the whole
      of the Philippines in mind. It cannot be left to individual cities or
      regions to decide which national laws they will uphold or how they will
      interpret them!

      For more info on Philippines dog abuse visit


      Koronadal seeks ban of dog meat

      KORONADAL CITY -- The City Government is
      working for the imposition of a total ban on the slaughter and eating of
      dogs in the area as part of its efforts to eradicate the spread of the
      deadly rabies virus and stop such form of cruel act on animals.

      Dr. Charlemagne Calo, city veterinarian, said
      they are currently coordinating with Mayor Fernando Miguel for the crafting
      of a measure that would totally stop the slaughter of dogs and the
      imposition of various penalties for violators.

      Calo said the proposed ban is anchored on the
      provisions of the animal welfare act of 1998.

      "This is actually a test case for us. The law,
      is there for a long time now but it's hardly implemented by most of the
      local government units," Calo said.

      The law prohibits the torture of any animal,
      the negligence of the owner to provide adequate care and sustenance for
      them, the maltreatment of any animal such as subjecting any dog or horse to
      dogfights or horsefights and their use in unauthorized research or

      It cited that only cattle, pigs, goats, sheep,
      poultry, rabbits, carabaos, horses, deer and crocodiles are allowed to be

      Calo said the proposed ban on the slaughter of
      dogs might effectively help stop the spread of the rabies virus in the city,
      especially in areas where cases of infection had occurred.

      He noted that dog meat is not recommended for
      human consumption, as it is not easily digested by the human system.


      Our continued thanks for your support and for
      caring enough to want to make a difference.

      From all the team at ITD

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