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Plaquemine Parrish , Louisiana - URGENT SITUATION!!! - PLEASE Help save these dogs!

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  • Monet Mazzola
    Katie Walter wrote: Please email Nellie at: tnallain@cox.net (@cox.net) if you can offer any assistance. ... From: Wilson, Denise
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      Katie Walter <katie.walter@...> wrote: Please email Nellie at: tnallain@... (@...) if you can offer any assistance.


      From: Wilson, Denise
      To: Marie St Martin Humane ; Patty ; JoAnne ; garygnu ; Katie Walter
      Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 9:53 AM
      URGENT!!! Help save these dogs! Plaquemine Parrish , La.

      Please cross post!!

      Dogs in Plaquemine, La. Please email Nellie at: tnallain@... (@...) if you
      can offer any assistance.



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      From: tnallain@... (@...)
      Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 6:47 AM
      URGENT!!! Help save these dogs!

      Where do I begin...at the beginning I suppose. Returning calls night before last, I talked to one lady I will never forget. This whole situation is confusing and I still can't make sense of it, so bear with me here. I talked to a lady named Miss Ida in Ascension Parish who began feeding a stray dog a while back...of course the dog ended up having puppies and of course it welcomed other friends to come over for food, thus more pups, more dogs, etc. Miss Ida had called and asked us to take 4 pups, when I returned the call, she said she ddn't know how many there were, possibly as many as 12. She had brought them to a vet clinic, but "they weren't taking
      puppies". She called animal control and they were maybe going to take them. Poor
      lady had not a clue what would happen to them at animal control. This lady is 84
      years old and seems a bit confused and I think deep down has a big heart. HOWEVER she stated to me that she would "just poison them all". She wants them all gone, the little pups (like the one you see her holding), as well as the black pup and the tan pup. The spotty looking dog lying next to the puppies is the Mom to the pup she's holding. Notice the picture with the garbage cans. While I was there checking out the situation, I noticed flies and a horrible smell coming from one of the garbage cans. She had told me the night before that she leans the garbage cans on the side and puts bedding in there for the pups and 2 of them love to sleep together. Well, when she was trying to find the other pups, she moved the garbage can and what she thought previously was 2 pups lying in the can, was obviously 1 DEAD puppy. I don't mean recently dead...I mean dead for a few days....this was what I smelled. I am not here to bash this lady by any stretch...I think she means well, to a certain
      degree that is, but how she could not have noticed this is beyond me. Possibly her age has brought on some of the confusion I'm convinced she's experiencing. Bottom line is there are somewhere between 4-12 dogs that need to be rescued from this situation.

      She wants them all gone, and stated once again that she will poison them. I have no room for anything, overloaded as everyone else, but I promised her I would take some pics and see if I could find help for these dogs. She tells me there are 3 Momma Dogs in heat. I only saw 4 dogs there (plus the dead one), but she maintains there are up to 12 dogs.

      PLEASE, PLEASE forward this around and if anyone can help with saving any of these dogs, email me privately, and I will give you her number. I will also see what I can do to drum up donations for help to any rescue that assists with saving these innocent victims. Whatever it takes to save them.

      Let me say that while there I saw 6 bowls of fresh clean water and at least that much with food as well. The youngest pup appears to be about 3 months old, the other 2 look to be about 5 months and I believe the one Mom I saw is very young as well.


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