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News release to Chinese media on Canadian seal massacre

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  • Anthony Marr
    The idea for the following media release came first from the realization of China being a seal fur market, and second from reading about some sealers boasting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2005
      The idea for the following media release came first from the
      realization of China being a seal fur market, and second from
      reading about some sealers boasting about fearing no boycott. I do
      admit that boycotts are sometimes weak, due to the oft damnable
      apathy of the born-to-shop public, and the prevalent disunity within
      our movement. I've been asked why the called for boycott is against
      Canadian seafood products and tourism and not against seal products
      themselves. The answer of course is that the US already has an
      ongoing ban on the importation of Canadian seal products, which is
      in fact is the core of the boycott itself . To get China to
      institute a similar ban would be to attack the sealing industry
      directly where it hurts most. China is rapidly becoming an economic
      giant, yet one whose consciousness has not yet opened to animal
      rights. Her appetite will become insatiable, unless nipped in the

      I have an apology to make to the seals. In a prior article, I told
      of saying to a sealer that if he kept on killing seals, he might one
      day reincarnate as a seal, "one destined to be skinned alive".
      Extending this by one mental step, it would arrive at the untenable
      position that innocent seals skinned alive are incarnations of
      guilty dead sealers, which could only be the invention of some evil
      god, though I do favor reincarnation as a theory. Nonetheless, this
      is folk belief in some places.



      Media Release

      to Chinese language newspapers:
      Sing Tao Daily
      Ming Pao
      World Journal
      and TV/radio stations

      Chinese Canadian wildlife preservationist
      asks China to ban Canadian seal products

      Chinese Canadian wildlife preservationist Anthony Marr (Ma Seeu-
      Sung) will deliver a formal and respectful request to the government
      of China to join many other countries around the world to ban
      importation of Canadian seal products.

      A formal Package of Request will be delivered to the Chinese
      delegation at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City in
      April, when the annual Canadian seal massacre will occur.

      The UN Headquarters will be the end point of Marr's Funeral March
      for the Hunted, which will begin in Washington DC in March. He will
      walk the 350 km to show the world the incredible barbarism of Canada
      in slaughtering 350,000 seals a year to feed the seal fur market in
      which China currently partakes. At an average of one meter per
      seal, a single file of 350,000 seals would indeed stretch 350 km –
      from Washington DC to New York City, or from Beijing to Jinan, or
      from Hong Kong to Shaoguan (Marr's birth place) with 50 km to spare,
      or from one end of Taiwan to the other.

      Where seal products go, Chinese demand includes fur, oil and,
      obscenely, penis. Anthony Marr further requests all Chinese people
      to themselves refrain from purchasing such products. "Speaking as a
      person of Chinese extraction, I don't want the Chinese people to be
      held responsible by the rest of the world for fueling this barbaric
      annual wildlife slaughter by demanding its products for no better
      reason than vanity," said Marr.

      Economically speaking, Marr questions, "China produces many high
      quality and refined garment materials. Why let Chinese yuan bleed
      overseas for some fashion fad soaked in blood?"

      "When I was a child," Marr recalls, "I witnessed much animal abuse,
      but I also saw Chinese Buddhists freeing captive sea turtles back
      into the sea. I want the world to know that the Chinese people do
      have respect and compassion for other sentient beings."

      Note: Anthony Marr can speak and write Chinese, and will be
      available for more in depth interviews, on topics including seal
      biology, seal ecology, hunting method, impact on fishery, statistics
      and sponsorship.

      Anthony Marr (Ma Seeu-Sung)
      4118 West 11th Ave., Vancouver, BC, Canada V6R 2L6
      604-222-1169, toll-free 1-866-822-1169
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